Infographic: 9 Steps To Launch a New Product into Market!

Did you ever think how a product is launched into the market or what is the procedure when a new idea is developed into a product? A reputable product development firm can provide you the answers to all these questions. The first step in launching a product in market is research. Similar products are compared for features and pricing. Second is concept capturing where the product’s specifications and features are written down. Third step includes preparing 3D CAD models of the product. Reputable mechanical and electrical engineers then look at the other aspects of the product. Fourth step includes prototyping. The innovative idea is transformed into an actual product using CNC machining and 3D printing. Patenting formalities are then fulfilled in fifth step. The product is tested to get an idea how public would see it.

Manufacturing process is carried out and minimum quantity is decided. A strong business plan is decided to launch the product and a marketing strategy is created to take care of all marketing objectives. This is how a product is developed and launched into the market.

9 Steps To Launch a New Product into Market

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