Importance of Product Design Prototype 

Creating a prototype is essential to finalise the design of a new product whenever a company plans to produce it. In order to know the importance of prototypes in the production of a product more closely you should go through the information provided in this write-up.

Evaluation and testing of the design: The drawings and ideas of a new design cannot be acceptable for the real world unless they show a real version of the product. A prototype of that idea can help people to assess the usability of that product in their life and how its utility can be improved for them. In this way, the reviewers can detect certain things to improve the design of actual product, which was not possible otherwise. Moreover the prototype of a new product allows the designers to test its functionalities along with assessing its usabilities before starting its production on full scale. Any mistake in any part of the product can spoil the whole investment on it. So the companies should not avoid prototype of their new products.

Clarification of issues and production costs: Creating a product design prototype before starting the production will allow the company to know the problems in its production process along with its production cost so that some amendments can be done to handle everything at right time. Moreover if the process of producing the product can create problem in final product or there are certain problems in producing that product then a prototype can help in removing those problems at initial stage. The designing team of the company can make necessary changes to avoid the issues before starting its production.

Marketing of the products: A product design prototype not only makes it easier to detect the defects in the design but also makes it easier to market and sell that product to its potential customers. One cannot buy only an idea unless he can see its actual model. It can be difficult to sell an idea even if you have good reputation in the market whereas you can easily sell your product, even without a good reputation, if you have its prototype in your hand. So while creating a prototype the designing team should keep the requirements of the customers of that product in their mind. The real user of that product can reject certain things of your prototype even if it is created by the best and most qualified and experienced designers. So, before releasing a prototype, its designers should test it from all angles because its end users will not buy it if its final design could not satisfy them.

Patenting: The prototype of a design also helps in patenting it, if your idea is unique and new enough to be eligible for it. It is important to restrain other companies from designing and producing similar products otherwise your efforts to design a great product will go in vain. So it is important for the original company to patent the main aspects of their design which can be done only after creating a fully working prototype.

Thus, the prototype of a design is much important for the successful introduction of a product in the market.

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