Rapid Prototyping Services Specialists Superseded

Rapid Prototyping ServicesIn the past, and still in many organizations, rapid prototyping services were a lengthy job that needed specific skills; companies would then either outsource this or if their need were great enough would have one or more people whose sole job was to create 3D models of products that were being designed.

These model makers had an important job performing rapid prototyping services, designers needed their designs made into prototypes that could be tested and held in people’s hands, clients and managers have always been more impressed by physical models than a design on paper or a screen. Also, prototypes may be tested for ergonomics, usability and in some cases break ability. All of this can be done better with a 3D printed model though a far more accurate model that can more exactly reflect the shape of design but also the weight and balance and even textures.

With 3D printing though the need for rapid prototyping services specialists has almost disappeared, the best people to run 3D printers are the designers themselves that can set a printer to work that is located beside them and will print almost directly from their existing 3D CAD design. There may be a little setup, especially if a model is made to scale or made along with other models. Even parts can be put together though so a preassembled piece is created.

The industry standard Z Corporation printers along with Sprint software are designed to be highly user-friendly, designers and engineers should easily be able to run the machines which more importantly are also highly safe. The fact that materials used in the past for rapid prototyping company for industrial design were often toxic and gave off fumes that would make everyone in the vicinity a little light headed meant that designers and engineers were happy to allow rapid prototyping company for industrial design services specialists to disappear to a separate workroom far away and come back when a model was finished. 3D printers use a powder and binder to solidify it in layers, but these are totally safe and odorless though the machine is a closed unit while in operation the process is also quiet, the stage where the excess powder is removed the only stage to make a noticeable background noise.

After this though a full-color model emerges ready to use instantly: no time needed for drying or curing, the entire process only takes about 2 hours, and the cost is only around $10 per model with only negligible man hours needed to operate. While rapid prototyping services than are increasingly performed by 3D printers in the design office engineers and designers are increasingly not in their design offices but out seeing clients or on site in some industry areas. Z Corporation’s printers do need to be hard wired to a computer though meaning the only way to use them remotely is by remotely accessing the interface of designers’ desktop machines in their offices.

Apart from the need for wireless to fully utilize the Z Corporation 3D Printers for rapid prototyping company for industrial design are now in their third generation and are well designed and easy to use meaning that design offices can, in fact, make more models and use them more extensively within the design process.

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