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GloberDesign is an ultra-modern technological establishment that specializes in the design and development of products and services for companies, industries and other tech-based organizations. They are well-known for transforming ideas into real products through the use of certain developed methodologies, such as concept sketching, computer illustration, engineering, 3D CAD, prototyping, patenting, manufacturing, packaging, logistics and marketing. The quality of service could be seen by the GloberDesign Reviews they are receiving from their clients.


Their team consists of expert professionals, such as industrial engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, hardware engineers, software developers, marketing specialists and patent agents. It can provide design and development for products even under the most urgent situations and times, thereby making them very proficient in providing turnkey services.


GloberDesign customer reviews demonstrate that whatever product or ideas you have in mind to create, innovate or design, be it in small or large scale, GloberDesign is there to make your visions and dreams come true.

 transform your invention into a real product



GloberDesign was founded by Jonathan Globerson in 2014. Jonathan is a product designer and industrial designer from South Florida. His company is well-versed in the use of software, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Solidworks, Rhinoceros, AutoCAD, Bunkspeed Hypershot, 3D CAD, 3D Studio Max, etc.


GloberDesign renders services to companies and industries in the USA, China, Europe, Central America and worldwide.


GloberDesign is currently located in 17071 West Dixie Highway State, #301, North Miami Beach, Florida, 33160, the USA

GloberDesign Customer Service Reviews


As we walk you through GloberDesign company reviews, note that GloberDesign is a complete service product design and development firm, located in North Miami Beach, Florida. They have amassed a wide range of customers due to their integrity, efficiency and professionalism. A look at product design company reviews reveal how positively satisfied most of their customers are with the services of the company. Based on GloberDesign customer reviews, here are some of the things that can be mentioned about the company;


GloberDesign is Fast and Reliable


These days, most of the businesses are technology-driven because they want to respond to the needs of their subscribers without having to waste much time and energy or money. GloberDesign is aware of this and judging from their product design Miami reviews, GloberDesign has surprised their customers by delivering their services with lightning speed. GloberDesign is known to be fast and reliable as they deliver their services to their esteemed clients. And this is because of the fact that their efficient work ethic is aided by a very capable and professional team of experts.


They Are Highly Professional


GloberDesign has also wowed their customers with their high rate of professionalism, as they go about delivering their services to their clients. The professionalism we are talking about here is not only in the dressing style and myriads degrees accrued by their staff but also in their skill, competence and quality of their work. In the GlobalDesign client reference, a customer commented that never before has she “seen a company with so much professionalism as GloberDesign.” This factor is a real selling point as most of their customers are really raving about how great their job is. Little wonder why GloberDesign is well patronized by mighty companies not in the USA alone but also globally. Judging by GloberDesign customer reviews, many of the customers predict that in the next 5 years, GloberDesign will grow immensely to be a leading product design firm. Amazing, isn’t it?

GloberDesign Is Transparent and Customer-Engaging


Industrial design company reviews reveal that GloberDesign don’t just get to do all the work on their own, they engage their clients in it. There are several positive reasons behind this and one of them is they want their clients to get exactly what they want, which is a good business strategy. Another thing is that they want their customers to learn as they are guided through all the steps of product designing. As this process goes on, streams upon streams of new and innovate ideas come about and get incorporated into the 3D product design, thereby serving as a further development to the initial design. By this every customer goes home with their product design and most importantly, with the experience as well; which is one of the most exciting, trilling and brain-racking aspect of the job.


In a GloberDesign client review, their esteemed customers reported that they had a feeling of belonging and participation that they sometimes brag to their friends and colleagues on how they rubbed brains and ideas with professionals. What a pride!


GloberDesign Converts Your Ragged Dreams to Beautiful Reality


Product design ft Lauderdale reviews reveal that most, if not all, of their first-time customers walk into the company with their dreams and some levels of uncertainty; but when they come out, they are already tossed into their bright future with full confidence. This is such a rare quality of this great company as they are much more concerned about making your dreams a reality. In product design ft Lauderdale reviews, a GloberDesign customer named Osnat Raiter has this to say:


“I came into GloberDesign with a napkin sketch I made in a bar when I had my eureka moment. They took my Napkin sketch and vision, and created a real physical working prototype of my invention! I am so excited to actually hold a real product which I envisioned and the industrial designer and mechanical engineers at GloberDesign assisted me in creating. Initially, I had my doubts as developing a new product is not a cheap process, it included a lot of stages, marketing and patent research; and then product concepts with artistic product sketches. Later, it followed by converting it to 3D CAD modeling, and then 3D printing the invention. So, as you see, it is a long process. But overall, the team at GloberDesign did a wonderful job creating it. I am very thankful for all their hard work and labor.”


Another customer named Suzy Dickman lauds GloberDesign:


So glad to run across GloberDesign and team, they made my dream come true by converting it into a real working prototype of my invention! Their process is transparent and they involved me through all the product design stages, making sure I approve them before going into a final model.”


A lot of customer expresses this as they eulogize on GloberDesign resolve towards making their dreams a reality.


GloberDesign Prototypes are Eye-Catching and Amazing


Product design company reviews reveal that GloberDesign is known to be incredible and extremely creative in what they do. How? They create a state-of-the-art, innovative product design that stands out. Their prototypes are simply eye-catching and amazing. This compels a lot of people to patronize them, thereby increasing their customer base further in and out of the country.


GloberDesign customer reviews also demonstrate that most of their customers declare them as the best product design company in the whole of Miami.


GloberDesign Keeps Track of the Progress of their Customers


A company like GloberDesign does not leave you alone in the wild after delivering their job to you. GloberDesign goes as far as keeping track on their customers’ progress and also the success of their products in the market. They ensure this by assigning to you one of their personnel to properly supervise and guide you, as you make efforts to market your product to the world. By doing this, they stand by you and offer you the necessary support and advice to see to the success of your product not only in your locality but also in your country.


Clients’ comments on GloberDesign Reviews reveal that very few reputable companies are actually capable of doing this, as most companies are much more interested in delivering their services and getting paid without assisting you thereafter with whatever complication you might encounter in the near future.

GloberDesign Scores High on Customer Recommendation


An old Chinese proverb says, “When you have a great experience, do not keep it to yourself as you are not the only one who yearns for it.” This is exactly the case here because looking through the product design company reviews, 85% of the GloberDesign’s customers recommend the company to people who are on the lookout for companies that will develop and design their ideas and dreams. This is not a mistake because first-class services have been delivered to the customers by the company.


People are highly expectant these days and a result they set high expectations on whoever or whatever they deal with. GloberDesign has met these high expectations, as they are recommended by companies and customers alike.


GloberDesign Assists You in Your Background Researches


As you make your researches on how sellable your product can be in the market, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration. You need to be highly skillful and at the same time, you must be able to do some broad and critical reasoning as you make mental efforts as you try to determine the success of your product. Here is GloberDesign’s response to one of their customers named Galit who lauds the company in GloberDesign Reviews:


“Galit is a perfect example of a perfect client which we can help. She came in even before applying for a patent. All she had was a rough idea of what product she was looking to design. After assisting in making a market research of her new invention, looking at competition products and other related prior art patents, we were able to identify features would make her new product have unique features. We then jumped into the product design process from product sketches to product 3D modeling and even 3D printing her prototype invention. At the end, we assisted her in creating patent drawings and she submitted for a provisional patent application. Good luck, Galit. Looking forward to backing up your venture on kickstarter soon! ”


The following questions are often asked in this regard:



GloberDesign will walk you through the statistics of competing product designs in the market and advice you on how best you can create an enormous opportunity for yourself. With GloberDesign, success is easy to achieve.


GloberDesign Makes You Come Back Begging for More


Following through product design company reviews, making your customers come back to have more of your services, you have to be well known not just as a company with crops of professionals, but also a company well known for their rare virtues, such as integrity, friendship, honesty, kindness, quality, etc. GloberDesign scores high on this aspect as their customers keep coming back in waves for more of their services. This is a good development as success needs to be reinforced in order to maintain consistency for a stable reputation. This great virtue of GloberDesign is sure to stand the test of time.


In GloberDesign Customer Reviews, here is what Rafael Chazan, one of satisfied GloberDesign customers, has to say about GloberDesign,


GloberDesign did a super professional work! They guided me to the right place with my new concept. Super responsive and excellent performance. We will definitely come back for all of our projects! Thank you! “


What more evidence do you need?

GloberDesign is Inquisitive and Communicative


In every order to get the desired result out of every dealing or relationship, communication has to be maintained. This is because it creates the avenue for similar ideas to be developed and for conflicting ideas to be aligned.


GloberDesign recognizes this and uses communication as a key to get the desired results for their customers. This is an important strategy as customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


Industrial design company reviews reveal how GloberDesign sits their customers down and makes them rhapsodize about how they really want their products to be designed, while they suggest ways of improving their ideas. This feeling of confidence and satisfaction is brought about by communication.


In GloberDesign Reviews, here is what Edward Boland has to say:


“GloberDesign did a great job on a prototype development- very happy with the outcome and they were communicative throughout the process. Highly recommend.”


GloberDesign Connects You to Successful People


As the old saying goes “Success is well connected to success.” Such is the case with GloberDesign, as they offer you a great service and direct you to reputable people or companies that are best suited so as to produce your goods to meet your stand no matter how high it is. In this way, the problem or stress of having to explain to a manufacturer or industrialist on how you want your product to be mass produced is eliminated. Also, the recommended manufacturers and producers are experienced enough to know what and how exactly you want your products to be manufactured.


How? GloberDesign will communicate with you long enough to know what you need and how you want it to be. This will also help in allaying further fears on errors in manufacturing and production.




In the GloberDesign Customer Reviews, it is very obvious that GloberDesign is a highly potential company going by what their customers have been saying about them in and out of the country. Their service delivery, techniques, methodology, professionalism, accuracy and speed, communication, integrity, brilliance, quality, virtues and supervision are well spoken of in high volumes.

Even after all of this, GloberDesign is not resting on their oars as they are hungrily expanding frontiers and breaking new grounds not only to expand their customer base but also to be versatile enough to assist dreamers in achieving their dreams and potentials.

However, GloberDesign is patronized by humans and so not all the customers will be satisfied with their services. GloberDesign customer reviews reveal that some customers are still yet to figure out their dreams and ideas and as a result they expect GloberDesign to do that for them. This is not possible as GloberDesign is not an organization that sells dreams; instead, they challenge you to take control of your destiny while they assist you in building it.

In conclusion, GloberDesign is leaving no stone unturned as it makes giant strides towards global recognition making its customer’s dream come true as it embarks on its mission to greatness.

Boldly pick up your dreams, walk right through the company’s doors and see the light in your future. What are you waiting for?



How to launch a new product design into the market place


The process of transforming a raw idea into a finished product comprises of strong strategies and a number of follow up steps. In order to launch a whole new product into the market, you need to be very cautious and make the right decisions. The whole process is very delicate so you can’t afford to make any mistakes along the way. Therefore, the best course of action to launch your product the right way is to hire the services of a reputable product development firm to facilitate you through out the whole journey to launching your new product into the market. This article includes thorough discussions on all the steps involved in the process of transforming your idea into an actual product.

Step 1: Research: Competition Products, Pricing, special features competitors have, Manufacturers, patents, patent search

If you have managed to come up with a new product development idea and you are interested in pursuing it to an end product, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to carry out a comprehensive research on the prospects of your product in the existing market. In other words, transforming an idea into an actual product takes a lot more than just handing a proposed design over to some product manufacturer and start looking forward to making massive profits. So before you start off, first of all you need to do some research on the current market trends, competition products, proposed pricing, special features offered by competing products, manufacturers, patents, etc. A few useful details in this regard are provided below.

Competition products:

First of all, you need to carry out an analysis on the competition products available in the market. You need to carefully analyze all your competitors and their clientele to figure out if your proposed product carries the potential to grab the attentions of the consumer market or not. It is strongly recommended only to pursue your idea if you truly believe that it can put a dent in the currently on going market trends.


When you have analyzed the competition products available in the market, it is time to figure out the right price for your product. You may come up with the optimum price by considering the price of the products already available in the market along with the features offered by those products. Then you might be able to think about the right asking price for your new launch while keeping all the relevant information under consideration.

Special features offered by competitors:

Before you go public with your own product, it comes in very handy too find out about the value that is offered by your competitors to their consumer market. Every product offers a number of special features that aren’t offered by anyone else in the market. So after identifying your primary competitors, you need to figure out the special features they have been offering to their consumers. This is important as you want to launch a product that is capable of delivering more value than your competitors could ever possibly deliver.


After carrying out a deep and thorough analysis of the competitive products available in the market, it is time for you to find yourself a good manufacturer who may turn your idea into an actual product. It is recommended not to rush into anything and take your time to consider all your options thoroughly. After considering all the available options, you may go with the one that appears to be the best among the others.

Patent research

Conducting a patent research is critically important for the success of your new product. You need to be absolutely sure about the fact that it isn’t infringing upon some other party’s intellectual property or copyrights. In order to make sure of that you may visit the official website of US Patent and Trademark Office. Go public only when you are absolutely sure that your new product isn’t infringing upon anyone else’s brain child.


Step 2: Quick Concept Capturing: writing down features you want to include, technical specifications, product sketching, concept sketching

The second step involved in the process of launching a whole new product into the market involves concept capturing. You need to figure out the features that you are willing to include in your product and think about its potential technical specifications. Once you are sure about those things, you may start off with product and concept sketching to visualize the feasibility of your ideas. Go through the details provided below to know more.

Potential features of your product

First of all you need to make a list of the features that you are willing to include in your new product. It is important for you to be realistic here as you do not want to go with features that are practically impossible or too hard to actually incorporate into your product.

Technical specifications:

After listing down the potential features you want to include in your product, you need to come up with the technical specifications for the product. Again, you need to have a realistic approach here. Don’t fantasize anything but make sure that your product offers specifications that are better than those offered by your competitors.

Product sketching and concept sketching:

Concept sketching enables you to get a visual on the actual product before you practically get it manufactured through a product development company. It is a visual sketch that incorporates a design of your choice along with all the technical specifications and features that you want to incorporate in your new product. If you are unable to take care of it on your own, it is recommended to hire the services of an industrial design sketcher so that your concept may be transformed into a visual sketch.


Step 3: advanced engineering: 3D CAD Models, 3d Modeling, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Schematics, Bill of Materials


The third step involved in the process of launching a new product into the market incorporates advanced level engineering. The advanced engineering comprises of 3D modeling and cad models, mechanical and electrical engineering and other schematics that might be deployed into the actual product.

3D Modeling

We live in a technologically evolved age so it is always nice to let computers do whatever they can to transform our concepts into virtual models with all the potential traits as well as features. 3d modeling aids us in developing a better understanding of the nature of space or the object that we are working on. So after having developed a 2d concept sketch, it is time to take your visualizations to the next level using 3d modeling. It not only enables you to check out the design and various features of your new product but also allows you to make any changes at the run time in order to get a better, evolved product.

3D CAD models

The 3D CAD models are pretty similar to the results obtained after 3d modeling. Computer Aided Design software applications have been available in the market for a long time now. The modern CAD applications allow you to rotate objects in multiple dimensions so that you might be able to view your new product from every possible angle in order to refine its design and make it even better.

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

After visualizing your new product through 3D modeling, it is time to view it from the perspective of mechanical and electrical engineering. The best course of action in this regard is to consult reputable mechanical and electrical engineers to take a look at the mechanical and electrical aspects of the product respectively. Getting such a consultation comes in very handy as these engineers possess the knowledge and experience of minutely looking at things that are hard to spot for ordinary people.

Schematics and bills of materials

After getting all the action from the modeling and engineering sections, it is time to work on the schematics as well as the bills of materials. You may use the services of professionals to get the best possible results in this regard.


Step 4: Prototyping, 3D Printing, Product Prototype, CNC Machines, Printed Circuit Boards, Arduino, Raspberry Pie


The fourth step involved in the process of transforming an idea into an actual product is called prototyping. Prototyping is something that involves lots and lots of learning about new stuff about your product. Every new prototype presents you with an opportunity to learn some new stuff about your product. In this phase, it is strongly recommended not to rely upon a single prototype. You need to develop several prototypes serving different goals of their own. For instance, you may develop a few prototypes with minute changes in the design while some of those may differ from the others on account of functionalities. Other details about prototyping are given below.

Product prototypes and 3D printing:

When it comes to prototypes, it is strongly advisable to make use of the latest technological infrastructures to transform an idea into reality. Paid prototyping or 3d printing is a strong tool in this regard. It is a new technology that makes use of 3 dimensional computer aided designs and transforms them into actual 3d objects. 3d printing is basically an additive process that adds up material to help you get a better understanding on all the potential designs that might be opted for the end product. This way you get to have a much better idea about how the actual product is going to look like after it has been finalized.

CNC Machines

Unlike 3D printing, the CNC machines make use of a subtractive process that removes the excessive material in order to come up with any required shape. When developing products using CNC machines, a solid plastic or metal block is used by the machines to carve away a sculpted prototype. CNC machining is a better approach in comparison to 3d printing as it provides you with lots of flexibility regarding the type of material used in the process, thus allowing you to use the material that you are going to use for the production of the actual product.

Printed Circuit Boards

Creating a prototype of your product using printed circuit boards basically comprises of two different steps. These include production of the PCB and then soldering all the required components on to the board. There are different techniques that help you produce PCBs of your own but the choices are very limited. Therefore, the right course of action is to outsource the production of the PCB prototype to a reputable third party.

Development Kit Prototypes: Raspberry Pi, Arduino

Majority of the electronic products out there normally require either a microprocessor or a microcontroller to function properly. So making use of arduino or raspberry pi development kits is a smart choice as they are based upon microcontrollers and microprocessors respectively. Both of these microchips are basically computer based chips that are designed to run different programs. Microcontrollers are low end and cheap while microprocessors provide high end functionalities and are comparatively more expensive. If you are planning on developing a prototype for your end product, it is strongly recommended to make one using raspberry pi or arduino to get an idea about the electronic capabilities of your end product.


Step 5: Patenting, Provisional application, Patent Drawings, Utility Patent, Design Patent, PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty)

The fifth step involved in the process of launching a new product into the market comprises of patenting your idea. Protection your intellectual property before you go public with it is strongly recommended so that no one may be able to plagiarize your idea and sell it as their own. In order to file for a patent, you would require hiring the services of a certified patent attorney or agent to take care of all your patent submissions. Other details regarding the process of patenting are discussed below.

Provisional application

Provisional patent application is an application that states the exact date of presentation of a new invention in search of a patent. It provides you with a 12 month status that says: Patent Pending and you might be able to use this time to file for your utility patent. In the mean while, you may launch your product to the market while paying a fraction of the amount that you were supposed to pay for a full utility patent and without worrying about counterfeit. In addition to this, you get to have an idea about the interest of the potential consumer market, manufacturers and the investors in your product. In other words, a provisional patent application protects your intellectual property while allowing you to hit the market with your product without having a full utility patent in hand.

Patent drawings

Patent drawings may be referred to as the drawings that illustrate your invention on paper. These drawings are supposed to include every single aspect of your invention’s construction or creation. Patent drawings are attached with the patent application when you are applying for one. It is strongly advisable to be very careful while working on these drawings. You need to include every little detail and you have to do it just right. Therefore, the best way to have your patent drawings done is to hire the services of a professional company that facilitates its clients with patent drawings.

Utility patent

After filing for a provisional patent application, you are eventually going to get a utility patent for your product. In order to apply for one, you need to hire the services of patent attorneys and patent agents that possess the right kind of qualifications and experience to do the right job. If you are launching your product through a product development company, there is a good chance that filing for a utility patent might already be a part of your deal.

Design patent

In addition to utility patent, it is also advisable to get a design patent for your product in order to keep others from stealing your designs. Just like a utility patent, you need to have qualified and experienced patent agents and attorneys by your side to file for such a patent.

Patent Corporation Treaty

The patent Cooperation Treaty PCT may be referred to as an international treaty regarding patent law. It came into being in 1970 and has been protecting the intellectual properties and inventions of the filers in all of its contracting countries ever since. If you are planning on going global with your product, it is strongly recommended to protect it through this treaty.


Step 6: Testing / Focus Groups

When you are developing a whole new service or a product, it is hard to figure out if the end users are going to like it or not. You do not get an idea about whether it is going to sell or not. Therefore, the best choice in this regard is to test your product using focus groups to get an idea on how the general public sees it.

All the high end corporations in the world normally hire different research firms for testing their products before hitting the market. These tests are conducted using focus groups that comprise of people from different walks of life. The focus groups test the products and provide honest feedbacks regarding their likes as well as their dislikes about the product. Keeping that feedback under consideration, the corporations then work on making the required changes in the design or the actual implementation of the product. The process of testing a product or a service can be pretty expensive but if you think about it, it helps the developer save big money in the long run. Not only that but it allows them to maximize their profits by focusing upon the features that are liked by majority of the participants.

If you are a first timer at developing and launching your own product, you might not have the resources and funding to hire focus groups on your own. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to hire a product development company to take care of the entire process of your product launch. These companies are so resourceful that they literally transform your idea into an actual product and float it into the market after taking care of every single step involved in the process.

If you decide not to benefit from such an opportunity and would like to be on your own with your product launch, you may carry out a little research of your own as well. In order to do so, you may develop a focus group by following the SOPs defined below.

Choose a participants group:

The first step is to choose a number of participants to make your own focus group. You need to consider the nature of the product that you are working on and then look for people who may be categorized as potential customers for your product. Care should be taken that the participants may not be overly familiar with the product as you are looking to get feedback from the actual consumer market.

Appoint a moderator:

After choosing a focus group, you need to stay away from its process of gathering the required information. Appoint a moderator to take your place and introduce your product to the focus group. He may also be responsible for asking different types of questions and collecting all the data.

Data collection:

When it comes to data collection, the first thing you need to do is to figure out what you actually want to know about your product. Decide if you want to know about the functionality of your product, its price, design or all of these things. Keeping that in view, you need to develop a questionnaire that may be handed out to all the participants. You may also video record all the group sessions to extract useful information later.

Incorporate the obtained feedback

After collecting all the data from the focus group, it is now time to implement it into making your product better. You need to extract the results from the obtained data, discover the patterns and implement the required changes in your product to make it refined and more desirable for the potential market.

Step 7: Manufacturing, NDA, Injection Molding, Quotes, Minimum Order Quantity, and Manufacturing Pricing

After carrying out the testing of the product, it is time to start worrying about the manufacturing process. Of course you need to find a manufacturer but it is more complicated than it looks like. You need to take a number of things under consideration in order to find the right manufacturer. A few details that might come in very handy in this regard are discussed below for your convenience.


After you have managed to finalize everything about your product and it is all set to be manufactured, it is about time you choose a manufacturer to transform your dream into reality. When you are looking for a manufacturer, there are numerous things that you need to keep under consideration. First of all, you need to prefer a manufacturer having prior experience with developing products similar to yours. It is recommended to consider more than one manufacturer and weigh their pros and cons till you find the best option among the others. In addition to this, when you have considered hiring a certain manufacturer, it is strongly advisable to ask some of their previous clients about reviews. You may prepare a questionnaire comprising of things you want to find out about the manufacturers and then pass it along to the previous clients in order to be sure of the fact that the manufacturer is trust worthy.


When you have finalized a manufacturer to have your product developed, it is critically important that you get them to sign a non disclosure agreement so that all your intellectual property might remain safe and sound. NDAs are simple agreements that bind the signing party not to disclose any information regarding something both intentionally or unintentionally.

Injection molding:

When it comes to the process of manufacturing, different manufacturers make use of different techniques to manufacture different types of products. Injection molding is known to be one of the most common techniques in this regard. It makes use of pre casted molds in which the molten material is poured and the product casing is produced resultantly.


After you have received the signed NDAs and the references from the manufacturer, it is now time to ship your product samples off to the manufacturer in order for them to come up with a quote for you. There is a good chance that you might be getting quotes from more than one manufacturer in order to make a comparison between their offered prices and services. When it comes to that, you need to be absolutely sure of the fact that you are making comparisons on the right parameters. You do not want to look at the offered price only. Make a comparison between the materials suggested by the manufacturers, their craftsmanship, delivery time, fabric quality, etc. Don’t forget to check if the quotes include secondary charges such as custom fees, duties, shipping, etc. or not. Considering all these things, you need to make an analysis on which quote offers the best value for money and then stick with it.

Minimum order quantity

After finalizing your choice for a manufacturer it is time for you to produce a purchase order and send it to the manufacturing factory. A purchase order may be referred to as a legal document that contains comprehensive information on the type of purchase you want to make from the company. Being detailed and specific is very important. When it comes to minimum order quantity, different factories have different preferences. It is important that you clear things out with your manufacturer before hand in order to avoid any inconveniences later.

Manufacturing pricing:

Finally, it is time to pay your manufacturer off so that they might get started with the manufacturing process. Different manufacturers have different policies when it comes to getting paid. Normally they ask for a percentage of the total upfront in order to take care of the expenses while the rest of the money is paid after the delivery of the end products. It is strongly recommended to be absolutely sure about the manufacturing pricing details in order to avoid any unexpected surprises later.


Step 8: Business Plan, Financial Plan (Manufacturing Price/ Wholesale / Retail Price)

The second last step involved in the process of launching your product into the market requires you to create comprehensive business and financial plans to execute your whole venture properly. It is critically important to make the right plans in this regard. If you fail in launching your product into the market the optimum way, all your hard work would be next to wasted. So it is strongly recommended to play it smart and do whatever it takes to devise the best strategies at this phase. A few details to help you out in this regard are given below.

Business plan

In order to successfully launch a product into the market, devising a strong business plan holds critical importance. Therefore you can’t afford to leave any loose ends here. A few tips that might come in handy for creating a strong business plan are listed below for your convenience:

Financial plan

After devising a strong business plan, you need to come up with the right financial plan so that your product may be launched at the right prices. In order to do so, first of all you need to analyze the amount of money you spent in the development of the product. Using that data, you may calculate the per piece price after putting in all the expenses. After you have got the numbers in front of you, check out the market for similar products along with their asking prices. Now categorize your buyers into two major entities: Whole sellers and E-commerce websites and start working on financial plans for both the entities.

Whole sale buyers:

In order to compute the optimum asking price for whole sale buyers, you need to consider the factors discussed below.

Competitive matrix:

Since you are entering a market that is full of competitors selling similar types of products, you need to be careful about the price you offer to the whole sellers. Try developing an understanding of prices offered by your competitors in order to find out how low you may have to go in order to attract the buyers. Keeping all these factors under consideration, you may come up with a price that is just right for your product to hit the whole sale market.

Manufacturing costs:

Try to get a hold of the manufacturing costs of your competitors. The whole process might be a bit frustrating but in the end, its all worth it.

Perceived value:

Take a look at the overall standing of your brand in order to compute your perceived value. This way, you may be able to figure out if your proposed price is right or not.


Last but not the least, you also need to compute your labor expenses as you are going to be paying them for a long time even after the completion of the manufacturing process.


E commerce websites:

When you are carrying out an analysis on setting up the price for e commerce websites, you need to consider the following factors:



Step 9: Marketing Plan: crowdfunding – Kickstarter (limited products, may cancel a campaign at any point, Indiegogo (Open to most products, won’t cancel most campaigns), Angle investors, Online Marketplaces.

A marketing plan may be referred to as a strategy that takes care of all the marketing objectives marked by a company. Marketing plans are normally used for the promotion of entire brand names as well as some specific line of services or products. When you are launching your newly developed product into the market, it is very important for you to devise the right marketing plan so that your product might be able to grab the attentions of the highest possible number of audience. A few details that you might find useful in this regard are provided below.

Crowd funding

Crowd funding may be referred to as the process of using small capital amounts from a large number of individuals for financing a whole new business idea. It provides you with easy access to a massive number of individuals by making use of various crowd funding websites as well as the social media platforms. Crowd funding may turn out to be a very useful tool for marketing a newly launched product into the market. As a matter of fact, crowd funding has the potential to be more effective in comparison to any other marketing tool you may use ever.

Crowd funding has been creating different types of opportunities for different types of entrepreneurs for raising millions of dollars from individuals who are interested in investing their money. There are numerous crowd funding websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter. They attract the attentions of hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in chipping their money in for the upcoming big things.

Crowd funding is an open forum that provides the general public with the opportunity to present their ideas and get funding from investors. Over the past few years, several ideas have managed to grasp the attentions of many investors and now they are running their own businesses. A few details on two of the most popular crowd funding websites are given below.


Kickstarter is a crowd funding website that serves creative projects with an opportunity to find investors. Regardless of the type of business you are willing to pursue, kickstarter is going to accept your proposal and put it in front of the investors who may turn your lives around for ever. So if you are looking for a good crowd funding platform to market your product, kickstarter might be a good way to go.


Indiegogo is yet another crowd funding website that might be used for marketing your product. By allowing you to make use of crowd funding campaigns, indiegogo presents you with the opportunity of raising initial funds, extending your reach and then eventually developing your own business.

Angel investors

In addition to crowd funding websites, you may also turn to angel investors when you are looking to market your newly launched product. Angel investors basically invest their capital in entrepreneurs and small startups. So if you are having any troubles with marketing your product, turning to angel investors might be a good choice since they may support your product while carrying your brand into safety.

Online market places

With the evolution of internet and technology, people are now more comfortable with shopping online rather than practically going out to buy stuff. That’s the reason why the online business industry is booming and its sales are through the roof. If you are looking for a good platform to sell your newly launched product, marketing and selling it using online market places must be an essential part of your marketing plan.


The Different Product Prototypes And Their Uses

In the development of many kinds of products, the creation of several product prototypes is essential in order to end up with an item that is functional and completes the task that it was designed for.

These prototypes serve to develop and refine the initial design, as well as present a version of the product to distributors or investors to get feedback or make an impression.

Product Prototypes

This kind of prototype is often the one that is presented to potential investors, and it will serve the purpose of demonstrating a good idea that will generate financial backing for further development. This item needs to show interested parties just how it works and what purpose it serves. At this point, a great number of modifications and refinements can be made.

Have you ever had an idea for a new product or invention? Imagine coming up with a 3D CAD drawing from your concept and then having it mass produced. You get your hands on the final product only to find out that it does not function how it is supposed to! You just wasted a lot of time and a ton of money! This sounds scary doesn’t it? So how can you avoid this? The answer is simple. Have a prototype made.

There are many benefits of prototypes. As you probably have already realized, one of the major benefits is being able to test your product before production. This makes it possible to prove the overall functions of the product. If your product does not look, feel or function as it should it is not too late. You can make adjustments to your prototype to achieve exactly what you want before mass producing it.

Another benefit of having a prototype made is being able to present the product to product buyers or manufacturers. Prototypes can prove to them the lookand different applications of your product. With today’s technology and experts in prototyping, it is very possible to achieve the exact weight and tolerances of your final product. Prototypes can be working models or static visual models. Having a prototype made can show proof of your working concept and attract money.

If problems are detected in the prototype process, they are much cheaper to fix than during production. They are also quicker to fix than during production. Being able to get your hands on a prototype allows you to examine the look, and applications of the product before it goes is commercial production .Prototypes can be an important marketing tool and can be used to present your concept professionally. In the end prototypes can save you a lot of money and help you create a product that works for the customer. Can you really afford to take the risk of not building a prototype.

Getting the best product prototype design is very essential in product development as it play a big role in making people and especially investors see the example of the final product. And as they say seeing is believing. One should therefore ensure that they get good product prototypes.

What Is A Prototype And Reasons To Prototype An Invention?

Every new idea encourages the scientists and engineers to design and create a new product. They have to face a number of obstacles in the entire process right from the beginning to the ultimate introduction of the product in the market. In order to make this process easy and smooth the inventors of new products make a quick prototype of their design. This prototype also offers various other benefits discussed here under.

Invention prototypes

Before discussing the benefits of a prototype you must know what prototype is? A prototype can be defined as the first functional and full scale model of the new design.

Reasons to make a prototype

Inexpensive way to avoid failure: Invention prototypes are normally made to avoid the risk of failure as it is the most inexpensive way to find out the faults in the design and amend them before introducing the product finally in the market.

Collection of accurate requirements: Inadequate availability of requirements can compel you to bear nearly half of the cost of the project to work on it again. Traditionally used techniques to gather requirements like focus groups and interviews etc. may not be enough to convince people as most of the do not believe on your idea before you show them their actual shape. You can show the functioning of your product to know the requirements for its final product by creating its functional prototype.

Technical understanding of the issues: In order to understand that you may have to face while introducing final product invention prototypes play a great role. You can easily know the predictable and unpredictable problems in the design of the device, by developing its functional prototype. It will also help you in developing your product more elegantly by applying the solutions you have found out after using the prototype.

Resolve challenges: If you have a strong opinion about the use of particular feature then you can be the best engineer. But difference in opinions of several engineers can result into a conflicting situation which cannot be resolved only on the basis of guesses, experiences and opinions unless you have something solid to work on. A prototype can help you in implementing your different features quickly on it to know about their performance and analyse their results. It not only saves time but also makes it sure that your decisions about the design are correct.

Bring in financial support: The demonstration of a prototype can help in convincing the investors about the feasibility of the idea and encourage them to invest on your idea due to low risk on their investment.

Easy to file patent: Though today’s laws of patent and trademark do not need to file a model or prototype while filing for patenting the invention still it is one of the best ways to convince the authorities and show the reduction of the use of technology in practice.

In this way, a functional prototype of an invention is very effective way to find out the faults in the basic idea and improving the ultimate product before introducing in the market.

4 Important Prototype Creation Tips

Many a time the ideas for various inventions die in the prototype stage itself. Inventors spend a big amount of money as legal fees to get their patent approved, but later get to know that their idea was not sustainable or that the manufacturing cost of the product will be higher than what the customers will willingly spend on it. This is because things were not planned the right way to help you build your prototype the right way and with minimal costs therefore given below are some helpful tips that you can start following right away.

invention prototypes

1. Make a tangible prototype

It is with an idea that your patent journey begins. Your idea should be such that you can convey it in a visual way, be it through computer graphics or animation, or by sketching or designing it on paper. At times, things look good as a design or look great on paper, but as you start putting it together you understand that this will not work. As your patent will be based on the material you will use, it will be a good idea to use the graphic and make a tangible prototype. This will help make sure that your patent does not get rejected for not working correctly.

2. Create the prototype yourself

If you create the prototype yourself, you will properly understand how the product is made, if the invention is feasible, and also what kind of manufacturer will be best for the purpose. If you hire a manufacturer to make the prototype for you then you will have to spend a big amount, so instead, check if you can create the prototype using products that you can get from a hardware store.

3. Figure out the retail value of your product

Many a time people have a great idea to work on but they do not know what price they should quote for the same. An important invention prototypes tip is to figure out what should be the price of your product, and to do so you first need to calculate how much you will spend on making the product. Together with taking into account the cost of the product materials, consider the labor expenses or the price you will have to give the manufacturer for creating it, and also the distribution and wholesale costs. Look at volume, and try making use of less priced products. If you buy materials in bulk, the per-head price of the products will go down. The next thing that you need to do is search for similar products in the market and check out their price. Your price needs to be competitive, but at the same time, you must be able to make profits.

4. Never share your ideas with your manufacturer

Yet another important invention prototyping tip is to not let your manufacturer know about your ideas. It will be best to take help of at least a few manufacturers to create one prototype for you but do not tell them what the different parts are meant to do, as this will risk your ideas from being stolen. You may hire a single manufacturer to make the complete prototype, but this should happen only after you make them sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Now that you are aware of some important prototype creation tips, without further wait carefully start following them, create your prototype, get your patent approved, start selling your invented products, and open doorways to great profits.

All about prototype manufacturing

No company goes out and starts mass production of a new product before creating first an example of this product. This model is called a prototype.

For example, before a new car is built, it must be designed, researched, and developed into a working product. Researchers consumer surveys, analyze market trends, and buying patterns to determine what customers want, and then suggest what kinds of cars to make.

prototype manufacturing

Designers work to turn these new ideas into tangible products. Engineers then adapt what real parts they have and implement them into the new model. They then proceed to produce the prototype. Manufacturers usually start by building a few prototypes before they set up a factory to build the new car.


Product Design Prototype can also be referred to as test machines. They are usually developed to demonstrate the qualities of a new product to stakeholders and clients. The Product Design Prototype, of course, is understood by these people to be yet an incomplete model of the final product. Its purpose is to show the possible attributes of the final product.

Prototypes are also used for test purposes. By subjecting these prototypes to numerous tests, the designers of the product get to see the strengths, weaknesses, limitations, and mistakes in a project. From the information they glean, the designers may proceed to rework the design until the product reaches the objectives of the designers.


Automobile Racing

In some circles, all the participating cars in a race are called prototypes. This is because these machines are not mass produced.

The cars produced for racing are specialized machines that are supposed to showcase innovations and designs a car manufacturer carry. Therefore, these cars can be considered models. These cars also function as models for future mass produced cars the car manufacturer will create.

Food Industry/Clothing Industry

Designers in this field of industry do not make decisions on what products make it to the production line. They must pitch their designs to their bosses to see which ones make the cut.

They must then show them what their pet projects may look like. These designers proceed to create prototypes of their work to present their bosses with something tangible to decide on.


Often researchers and designers of computers build powerful supercomputers to perform the myriad of complex computations needed for applications such as mathematical computations, artificial intelligence research, and military applications. The power these machines pack is something everyday users salivate over.

These prototypes, however, are just that – prototypes. And as models, they find their way into being mass produced for the masses.

That is the reason why today’s desktop computers are so powerful: a few years ago the power of your computer was used for critical, complex math intensive applications.

Use It Now

The use of prototypes has become an industry-accepted means of product development. It allows the designer to tinker around with a given design to further evolve its quality and to show others a model of the product. Such practice indeed makes the evolution of everyday products efficient.

Developing Invention Prototypes: How Choosing The Right Company Can Make Difference For Inventors

Inventors are people who are creative and ambitious. These people see a problem and come up with a solution. There are times when they take a difficult path as they strive to bring their invention to the attention of potential buyers. Many inventions don’t make it due to misdirection of initial precious resources. Others spend heavily on inadequate prototype development and filings for full invention patents before their idea is developed into a viable business concept.

Without the services of a professional product development and management (PDM) company, inventors may find a hard time to bring their ideas to reality. Working with a PDM company, inventors can have their concepts developed into real products with potential readiness for the marketplace.

Evaluation of the idea

As an inventor, your invention will be developed by a product designer. Alternatively sculpted or modeled in 3D CAD. This step enables the PDM Company to evaluate your idea for feasibility. The issue of feasibility has some dimensions. It determines whether your invention provides a clear-cut solution to a problem.

You need to put this in mind before spending large sums on invention prototype development . Also, can the invention be manufactured? Maybe your invention does have “financial feasibility”. Does is it have a likelihood of making good returns on your investment, plus that of the organization that buys or leases your patent from you?

An experienced PDM company will assign a Product Development Team with representatives from marketing, manufacturing, and intellectual property management. The team will be able to address your invention’s entire life cycle. Your idea will evolve from prototype development through production to support.

Reception in the market

You will not need to spend a lot on prototyping and patenting an idea which has no possibility of finding a ready market. You have been thinking about your invention for years. It’s best to test the market objectively. Are you sure of the uniqueness of your idea? Someone innovators may have “gotten there” before you, with the same invention, or with a varying approach which solves the same problem which gave you inspiration.

A PDM company will employ focus groups and market testing to refine your product, make it unique and give it the edge it needs to reach its ultimate customers. This is the point at which your PDM Company will join forces with your patent attorney to work with you as strategic partners.

Tools required by buyers

Customers require particular tools before understanding the benefit of your invention. Your buyers will require that you have developed a product forecast based on market feedback and engineering analysis. Buyers will want to know that your product and its production processes are validated. It needs to have obtained all needed regulatory certifications and approvals.

Working with a PDM company is better at cost saving to develop your idea into a real product with value in the marketplace! Choosing the right partner is critical.

Product Design Prototype For Product Improvement

How long do you think it takes a new product to reach the market? While knowledge of a particular new item or improvements to an existing one frequently garners media attention – and thus public awareness – with a press release, actual conceptualization and development begin months, if not years, before.

Even before a physical model gets created, researchers and developers – part of an overall product development team that additionally includes engineers and marketing and advertising professionals – look for a need, realized or not considered, in a market: customer feedback, focus groups, interviews, and input from marketing professionals all contribute to brainstorming ideas for potential products.

But after a product is theoretically drawn up, down to its specifications, then what? From here, a preliminary model becomes the basis for the first prototype.

Product Design Prototyping forms the extensive stage between brainstorming and mass manufacturing in product design. While the process has never been uniform, varying with industry and strategy, prototypes in product design fall into the following types:

Proof of Principle:

Functionality over appearance is the characteristic of this particular prototype. The visual semblance is practically nonexistent, although its functionality is tested for the final design.

Form Study:

For this prototype, the final look and feel is very close to a near match; however, the appearance and functionality aren’t used for analysis. Instead, both qualities eventually influence the product’s final form.

User Experience:

The ongoing research involved in product design looks at how users interact and react to the product, and for this purpose, this prototype’s close-to-final-as-possible form assists with research.


Although functionality isn’t taken into consideration with this prototype, its design and aesthetics, including the color, surface, and texture, are extremely close to the final product.


With the closest semblance to the product that is eventually manufactured, this prototype has all aesthetic, functional, and material elements in place. In some instances, however, the size itself may be smaller.

The prototyping phases in product design are iterative; that is, the process continues looping back on itself until a model satisfies all individuals involved, from the engineers to the marketers to the end users. During the process, several materials create prototypes, from paper sketches and breadboard in early stages to software as the design becomes more advanced to the agreed-upon materials with the functional, or working, prototype. With every prototype, users evaluate the design, from its functionality to appearance, and researchers and developers incorporate these suggestions into more revisions.

Invention Prototypes

Don’t underestimate the power of prototyping. Too often the benefits of prototyping an invention are either played down or completely ignored when “experts” take to the issue. But turning your idea into a product sample is probably the most important part of inventing. Producing a model or prototype will help you find the best way to manufacture the device you have invented. It can be useful for all sorts of things like figuring out where to put labels, what the shipping weight will be, how to best package it, what it might cost to manufacture it, and to get feedback from test users. It’s a valuable tool for you to use.

If you are going to try to raise money to manufacture the new product yourself, or if you’re demonstrating it to a potential customer to get a big order, you will need the prototype if you do not already have a production unit to show or demonstrate.

Invention prototypes cannot be ignored because they try to prove the concept of the inventor to potential customers, suppliers, and investors-and most importantly, to the inventor himself. This has been the opinion of majority of experts. The idea behind creating a prototype is the accomplishment of a lot from the point of view of creativity, that too without having to put on so much of money in the idea of product or going for its commitment early on.

Construction of an ‘invention prototype’ at the appropriate time: It’s essential to construct an ‘invention prototype’ much before buying the tooling for building the product or seeking contract manufacturers. Many a times, it so happens that the inventor might, in reality want to build a prototype much before getting too fancy regarding computer drawings. He is likely to burn up loads of cash on ‘engineering drawings’ when possibly what he needs 1st is the papier-mâché clearly showing him what is being tried by him. If that is the case, he is advised to revert to computer-aided drawings.

Assessing the proper time for prototype is not all that tough. It just requires a proof of workability of the product invented by the concerned person.

The proper ‘invention prototype’ for proper audience: An ‘invention prototype‘ should be aimed towards the proper audience for doing its job. It means that the tailoring should be done in such a way that the requirements of the customers get fulfilled much to their satisfaction. Not only that, the prototype should be able to bear the critics of potential partners, investors, suppliers, and customers. Hence, it should be noted that just friendly appraisals are not enough. The more slicker looking and operable the prototype then the ‘better’ it is. However, it’s advisable to not get carried away by the praises. It’s better to spend less on this production, as there would be many other places for spending the startup capital.

All you need to know About the Best Industrial Design Companies

Industrial design is more complicated as compared with graphic and web design. In industrial design, the designer is required to work closely with the client to come up with the most acceptable prototype, test and work with it iteratively until an agreed Minimal Viable Product is obtained. Many industrial design companies are now in the design market with most small firms focusing on ideating concepts while the larger organizations are offering end-to-end services.

Factors to consider when choosing the best Industrial Design Companies:

The choice of an industrial designer has turned quite large and confusing. While selecting industrial design companies, who can handle the complexities involved in the industrial design, here are some of the factors to consider:

i. Portfolio of Designs: Before hiring an industrial designer, look at their portfolio and whether they have handled any industrial design project. Most popular companies have handled several design projects and have what it takes to complete any industrial design project.

ii. The amount of research they have undertaken: The best Industrial Design Companies are well versed with research ad developments that are required during product design process. Talk to different firms to understand how much time they have spent on research and what type of research they do. Research should not only focus on form factors but also other aspects concerning consumers’ preferences and the cost of production.

iii. A patent held: consider the number of patents that the company holds as it indicates their ability. It is more likely that the result will be better if you hire a company that holds more patterns.

iv. The range of services they offer: the industrial design process is complicated and is done in several stages, which may include initial discussion, research, ideation of the form factor, 3D modeling, CAD modeling, Alpha testing, Prototype analysis, beta testing, redesigning, etc. Some companies may not be able to offer all the required services, which may hinder the smooth process of the product designed and bringing the product to the market on time. Select a company that will offer all the necessary design services.

v. The timeliness of various design stages: the design company should be able to synchronize its targets with the objectives of your business as well as the market demands. All stages from the initial stages to the final stages must be completed within the scheduled time.

These are just but a few things factors that you need to keep in mind while looking for the best industrial design company. Use this initial consideration to identify a few design firms and go ahead to talk with companies in depth before choosing the best one.