Flybi – Product Design & Prototyping of a new VR Drone

Globerdesign has partnered with FlyBi Drone. our team of indutrial designers and product engineers have developed the Flyby Drone up to a working prototype. The design process included concept sketching, 3d CAD model of the drone, Drone Industrial Designing engineering and drone prototyping.

Drone Prototype
Drone Design

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The world’s first camera VR drone! Share your aerial adventures on social platforms, and together explore the terrain!

You can even Live stream your video with others through your aerial adventure, using the FLYBi app! Anyone with VR strap glasses on their smart phones, and you can jump aboard.

Live images of the FLYBi . You can now share applications. Virtual reality glasses and application, anyone can see their flight action and the right to jump aboard.


FLYBi packing and carrying case to transport your drone is a must. Take FLYBi without discomfort with you, wherever you are and do not want to establish a flight.

Drone camera images directly into your eyes like beams? FLYBi drone comes with a pair of VR glasses, so you can get the drone’s images from the first person video. A screen with a regular built-in remote, so you can fly properly before you remove your eyes from control, or one of your friends can learn how to fly the drone. Goggles also tracks the movement of the head, and can use that familiar drone camera, so you can literally look around from the drone’s point of view.

According to the Kickstarter page, drones are built into the system to prevent an object, so even if you do not see where you are going, you should be able to pilot the drone safely, and the radio frequency used to transmit video in Your headset, it is better to take it beyond the range of Wi-Fi does not mean you can. Just as a companion application allows you to stream your footage, and means that your application can transmit live images of the drone is in the air.

The gimbal of the 55-degree camera, which will allow you to look around without losing track of the speed limit is – this will help with motion sickness, and prevent you from flying in the wrong direction. Camera footage created in 1080p video, and photos can take 12megapixel.