Rapid Medical Device Prototyping

Our GloberDesign team specializes in medical prototyping which offers medical models, medical device prototype, physical prototypes and medical prototypes. GloberDesign has dedicated medical device and resources which facilitate lead times in a shorter period. We will help you to assess the design which meets specifications before your products reach the users. We are a global provider of all the medical devices, including material selection, assembly, manufacturing, sterilization, process development, testing, validation, packaging, regulatory affairs and prototyping.


With ability GloberDesign provides fast, cost effective and net shape within a few days. Many people trust our team for your medical device prototype needs. GloberDesign team is able to deliver most engineering stocks and resins which ensure the fastest delivery. Depending upon your specific needs, our team can produce few thousands to hundreds of parts.

Whether you need a short run or volume production of medical prototyping, the quality from GloberDesign will never change. Reap many medical prototyping advantages from GloberDesign which offers mold designers, resources of engineers, toolmakers and machinists who fulfill your needs and requirements quickly.

Contact our GloberDesign team to discuss about your needs and assistance. You can contact us via local representative, skilled and experienced customer support team and engineer will respond to your request. Our team supports every stage of your prototyping projects and also offers design advice.

We offer prototype and manufacturing of enclosures for the scientific instruments which exceeds your expectations and requirements. We offer sophisticated and complicated medical devices such as sensing unit, dialysis equipment, patient monitoring system, infusion system, computer radiography system, X- Ray systems, orthopedic implants, breast biopsy system, implantable drug delivery, ablation unit, nerve stimulator, disinfection system, cardiovascular laparoscopic devices,  blood glucose meter, blood chemistry analyzer, ICD, X ray cartridge readers and much more.

Highlights of GloberDesign:


We are there to help all your new medical device prototyping projects as well as for existing products.