Steps for transferring your invention idea into a product

Turning your idea into an invention needs technology and innovation. Clients with an idea or concept can approach GloberDesign, which aids to turn an idea into an innovative invention or product. Are you really convinced that you can create an incredible product? Then take a few steps on how to invent a product and get it out.

Step 1:

Just having an idea has been really worthless. It is important to write down the everything regarding your invention ideas. Patenting the ideas is the first step and it is necessary to keep the idea safe. By writing about the idea and sending it to Globerdesign is the thing that you need to do, once you have done with your final idea.

Step 2:

By the way Globerdesign will research your idea or concept from the business and legal standpoint. Initially, we will complete the patent search, which is needed to frame your product. Be sure that no one else already patented the idea. Then our professionals will research the current market trends and future scope of the product or idea. Before investing money and time into the patenting, we will make a preliminary research about your targeted market.

Step 3:

It is the most crucial step in the conversion process. Prototyping gives the sample of your invention which puts together into practice of most things you needed. It will demonstrate the design of the invention while you present the product to licenses and potential lenders. It is recommended to design a prototype before filing for a patent. Before product prototyping phase, it is essential to check out the ideas with the clients as it matches their demands. Invention prototype is widely used one among many companies.

Step 4:

Now, it is a good time to work out the design to file the patent. The two main patents are design patent and utility patent. There is a chance to infringe your invention. Hence, Globerdesign will help you to get a strong patent. It also restricts other competitors to use your idea. We have well experienced engineers and designers to work out on your patent demands.

Step 5:

Marketing your invention is the most important step, which helps increase the productivity and profit. Globerdesign is the most notable firm, which takes care of your manufacturing and marketing needs as well. This will help to make more money all the way towards your business.

These steps help to know how to invent a product easily with our services.

Cost effective prototyping services for better revenue

Globerdesign is the trusted provider in the area of prototyping, product design, 3D modeling, prototype development, and manufacturing. We have the tendency to make your prototype production very fast, affordable and simple. In the process of invention, prototype is considered as the first step prior entering into the manufacturing process. Product prototyping is rewarding experiences while you are working with our GloberDesign team. It offers the luxury to express the creative natures while producing the prototypes. It is really difficult to make a prototype development without proper experience, and facility.


Each and every prototype will vary in appearance and it’s naturally based on the budget, goals and your idea. Creating an invention prototype offers lots of benefits to the users and manufacturers. This will enable to make the design, flawless and without any issues in the product. Making the prototype will give a notion of what clients are trying to establish. The visual representation will catch others attention very easily.

At Globerdesign we can do something to aid you get the prototypes done quickly and also inexpensive as much as possible. We can offer you with the prototypes from the advanced 3D printing services within days. This can be dimensionally perfect, functional and with multiple colors. Our prototyping services extend support in the development as well as launching of the product design by giving freedom of ideas to operate at very effective speeds, crafting the approach easier from different sides.


There are plenty of entrepreneurs available with lots of concepts for producing the product. It is crucial to choose the cost effective prototyping services. GloberDesign is the perfect choice, whoever needs product prototyping service for their products or devices. We have the ability to frame your idea into a product within the scheduled time limit. GloberDesign offer prototyping service globally. Regardless of the location, Globerdesign will extend our service and aids to explore new products modern and unparalleled. We offer our clients with research on materials, competition, electronics market place, related patent, ergonomics, mechanics and processes. Our most talented designers will help to lay out the sketches of the client invention. It also includes the variation on how to obtain the desired design. Globerdesign could produce a prototype by using various materials like fabrics, plastics, glass, metals, silicones and more.

Are you ready to view your concept become a reality? Just call the Globerdesign team to get a prototyping service.

Use prototyping to turn your invention into real

Prototyping the innovation concept is very essential fact for any product. After the conception of the idea, it is desirable to make the prototype. It is the crucial step for any invention. Turning the idea into an actual product is more challenging one. You can approach GloberDesign to make this process done inexpensively.

One of the crucial steps in the invention process is producing a prototype. Making the prototype that provides opportunity to tap into the creativity. Invention prototype is the most demanded one. Serious inventor will build prototypes as a first step. GloberDesign prototyping enables to get user input and also perfect your designs. Generally, one can build several prototypes. Nowadays, medical device prototype is a very popular one when it comes to medical equipment design and development.

There are many different progressions and styles of the prototypes that GloberDesign can assist in creating the product, depending on the individual needs. We can also provide product prototyping wherever it is essential. Globerdesign have its own team of professional in various sectors to assist cater prototypes for the varying levels.

Product prototyping service that GloberDesign offers include:

The prototype will assist to add value to the project and credibility. If anyone likes to prove the working nature of the concept and need to transfer the theoretical design into the working model, GloberDesign is there. We can guide you better to demonstrate the product.

Prototypes are very essential before manufacturing any product. This technique helps to refine the product design. Proof of concept is the prototype type, which helps to establish a product key functionality and also resolves technical aspect of the design. Visual prototype helps to establish the overall size and shape of your product. This prototype can be either left as painted or raw material or represent your finished product.

A presentation prototype establishes the product key functionality and also offers the representation of the product appearance. GloberDesign will extend its help from the initial stage and makes changes in the design wherever essential before starting the mass production. Invention prototype is one among the GloberDesign valuable service. Fulfill prototyping needs by partnering with us is very less expensive other provider in the market. Get more details by contacting us through chat, email or by phone.

End to end medical device solution provider

As part of other services, GloberDesign also provide with medical equipment solutions. Our medical device engineering team has all the effective knowledge and proficiency to make and solve the design challenge. The Medical field is very sensitive and delicate and there is much advancement in the area.

GloberDesign and its team have the capacity to deliver the cost effective and fast output within the least time. We have many clients who trusted our team and achieved their medical device prototype needs and other services. We have a specialized team to offer services in medical prototypes, medical patterns, physical prototypes and medical device prototyping. Our team has enough resources and tools to make your equipment cost efficient. We also providing invention prototype to the needed clients.

Now the medical field requires the utilization of various special instruments. Contact Globerdesign, if anyone seeming to medical device. As a global service provider, we take care of the complete process of the medical devices such as validation, material selection, testing, packaging, prototyping, regulatory affairs, sterilization, assembly, process development, manufacturing and more.

You can reach us anytime to get assistance from our professionals. We are glad to support you each and every phase of the medical deviceservice. Along with customizable design and service, you can get effective suggestion from our skilled experts to gain knowledge and to make your medical equipment very useful. In the bio medical engineering, medical device engineering is one of the branches. The classification regulations of a medical device vary from one country to another country. Class I medical devices category include tongue depressors, bedpans, examination gloves, handy surgical instruments, elastic bandages and more. The class II medical devices include X-Ray machines, infusion pumps, powered wheelchairs, PACS, surgical drapes and more. The class III medical device includes endosseous implants, implanted cerebella stimulators, silicon filled breast implants, knee & hip joint implants, implantable pacemaker generators, replacement heart value and more.

With the most emerging techniques and tools, we can make the things very easier for you in medical device engineering. We have experienced people to help you to deliver an innovative solution. We have many experienced executives to answer your queries and help you in tough situations. Call us to know more information about the service. Based on your needs, you can select the service type to reap benefits. GloberDesign delivers services in engineering, prototyping, and designing for small to large volume production.

Increase organization strength with effective industrial design


Creation of any new products is easily possible by means of perfect industrial design. You need to take some effort GloberDesign industrial design service enables to explore an artistic aspect of the product concept to reveal the nuances and features, which connects with the customers. Ft Lauderdale industrial design optimizes concepts for performance, usage and manufacturability. GloberDesign will take necessary efforts to provide the perfect result without any issue in the product. By using our best concept, our team will enhance the appearance to create a better value for your product. When coming to industrial design both consumers and manufacturers can benefit through our partnership with Globerdesign.

The design starts with producing layouts and sketches. The models, layouts and sketches are done by keeping the end user in mind. We use creativity along with the recent development techniques to make a design appeal. Our collaborative professional approach to project ensures the most possible outcomes of the product.


Ft Lauderdale industrial design has been developing very innovative products for the world market for over many years. We provide leading edge clever, styling product and cost effective developments resulting in the successful designs. Prototype Ft Lauderdale helps in prototyping service for various projects. GloberDesign is an advanced industrial design firm furnishing real world industrial and product design solution for clients in local and internally as well.

When it comes to industrial design, we carry out a variety of services such a creative concept, design dealing, ergonomic analysis, market research, identity and branding, brief definition, product design, sustainable design, trend analysis, product positioning, research and development. Our Globerdesign professional team has posses the necessary skills to manage your industrial designs. Our experts take inspirations from research finding about the end users and product used to make the concept sketches, 3D models, 2D layouts, and invention prototype. We give complete freedom to the clients to make decisions and makes whenever and wherever they needed to make it perfect.

Every one wants their product to elicit a good response from the user, to accomplish the real connection which drives sales and builds brand loyalty. Industrial design is the art in product development and we can help to attain this goal.

GloberDesign concentrate on delivering quality industrial design and products detailing to minimize the number of parts, reduce production rejects, facilitate assembly and offer optimum durability, strength and also error free product use. Just ring us for any help.

Make the product intuitive with product design

Product design is the basic foundation for any product in the world. Designing the product is more rigorous process and needs significant planning before production and marketing. It is tough to design any product without proper guidance. Globerdesign is always there to guide and explore new things about the product. We are much better than other competitive companies. We ensure you will get an effective product to accomplish.

The GloberDesign is the design and innovation firm intended to design meaningful services. We are one of the best long running firm and we create strategically positioned design for both in the global and local markets. The more someone understands the product, the greater chances of selling it. For the most suitable and best product design, it is essential to go with an experienced market leader. In that way, GloberDesign have breadth and depth knowledge and skills needed to complete the process with expert comprehensive oversight. Ft Lauderdale product design gives assurance to the clients in its quality and performance.

Developing impressive concepts are the basic step in making the challenging business venture. We also assist you to rectify the issue of the product and make it unique with the current trend. Product designers of GloberDesign, work throughout the optimal level exploitations of the knowledge and proficiencies to ensure the competent product design, management and development. We use latest digital innovation technique of precise visualization, flexible communicating, producing and analyzing tangible product concepts within a short period of time with greater reward.

GloberDesign is the best and top choice when it comes to product design and for the full product completion process. Our experts can offer a great solution for your product design and can guide clients in building a good and effective product. Any companies can contact us for the invention prototype and product design services. So, you can trust us fully for the complete product solution. GloberDesign also ensure that the CAD technology and techniques are used for the process. Ft Lauderdale product design has helped many clients to see substantial success and accomplish strong brands. We have reputable designers who can work collaboratively at the highest quality standard and at a reasonable price. We pay special attention to each and every small to huge product regardless of the size, complexity and anything go. We identify the new possible ways to support and serve by uncovering the latent needs, desires and behaviors.

Learn about how to invent your products

GloberDesign is the notable product development and designing firm. Our service and products are utilized widely by many clients till date. We clearly understand all the difficulties involved when inventing your product. We have a team of professionals and use exclusive inventing methods to make your idea for the new product as well as prepare it for the next level. It is important to learn how to invent a product effectively to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

We just require you to submit the ideas to invent your products and GloberDesign also ensures the security of your new idea. We will work with all your new ideas and also improvements to existing products. Our product prototype and invention prototype service is extremely effective and will work with you every step of the product process.

Globerdesign can do anything for you from product related data, patent research to building, developing and designing prototypes and also product samples. GloberDesign has helped many people on how to invent a product and present the idea to manufacturers, retailers and corporations.

Our exclusive professionals use responsible methods to bring your product in the market than other products in the industry. Here at GloberDesign, idea people and inventors can achieve their dreams at a reasonable cost. It is important to gain knowledge in the associated field and product before inventing a product. In the mean time, it is necessary to do research before starting the work. You must consider about the advantages and disadvantages of the product before proper implementation. We give top priority for your needs and will be in touch until you get satisfied with us. GloberDesign can understand the individual issues while inventing the product. We can also give support for patents which is essential to invent a product. By understanding the necessity of protection, we offer intellectual property protection such as design patent, copyright, trademark, patent drawings, utility patent and provisional application. Then our invention prototype service helps to visualize the product nature which may increase the productivity. Through partnering with our team, you can unveil various techniques and possibilities to enhance the brand profitability and success. Marketing your product in a right way helps to reveal about your most unique product to end users.

We look forward to work with you people and hope you can gain a great experience in developing the idea into an effective product. We can offer you a free consultation of each and every product idea we get.

Innovate and develop new products effectively

Do you have any idea to develop new product, then contact GloberDesign to get an innovative product. In a constantly changing marketplace, user advocacy becomes increasing day to day. Developing a new product requires constant creativity and innovation to tackle the other existing competitors. It is not that much easy to transfer the practical products from the idea. It is essential that the idea and approach has to be unique to make the final result more productive. Here at GolberDesign, you can get all types of help to make the idea as best as possible. It is hard to develop a new product without proper knowledge, skills and experience. By studying the product concepts thoroughly, we can make you a more effective product. Our team will reduce your work and also assure that whatever design you need, we can make it for you.

Experienced professional team at GloberDesign will interact with clients to get the knowledge about the product. By studying and understanding the product needs and your requirements, we can suggest and advice you people wherever the change is needed. We can support you to create products that can be very easily bought by the targeted customers. The successful product can attract imitators and increases the chances to build the substantial improvement on the product. There are a variety of steps involved in the process of developing a new product. GloberDesign will carry out all the essential steps to fulfill your requirements. Globerdesign also carry out rapid prototyping techniques to make the product based on current industry standards. We help you to avoid all types of typical problem from the initial step to a final manufacturing process.

Once the idea is finalized and materialized, our experts will take it to the next step of patenting your products. It helps to protect and keep the product safe and secure by getting used by other individuals or companies. Invention prototype techniques and services help to visualize the product accurately in all dimensions. Product prototype and prototype development play an important role in the new product development. It gives the most accurate and clear idea about the product, which is very close to the real products.

Be sure to contact GloberDesign when you require developing a new product. We assure that you get quality and effective service without any defects in the product. We will support you and save both time and energy to develop any new products.

Make high quality product prototypes with us

There are many companies available today to help you in product development and product prototype services. But Globerdesign will stand out of all competitors with its high quality and effective customer service. We can help you to express ideas and assess the concepts with the high quality and precise prototypes. Creating a prototype is an essential step for any products and processes, no matter what products or items to produce. It is considered as the fundamental step, when it comes to product design.

When anyone is looking for the accurate prototypes, globerdesign promises to bring the best out of all. In the process of invention prototype, creating the prototype is the initial step and provides you high level luxury while developing the prototypes. GloberDesign gives an excellent service to the clients with a super effective solution to mainly facilitate the prototype development from the concept through production.


There are various types of product prototype tools available for the clients who wish to create any prototypes. Here, some are simple and basic in concept and design while others intricate and complex based on the design. We have all types of machinery and skilled professionals to use the advanced technology to make your product appeal and good. The prototype provides the rough draft about the product, which helps developers, interact with any potential users. It is the best way to understand the working nature of the product. This process can be done easily by using effective prototype tools. Each and every prototype will vary in its appearance. It naturally based on the budget, the idea and goal. Creation the prototype offers a variety of advantages, it enables you to refine and test the design functionality. Here at GloberDesign, you can easily transform your theory into reality very easily. Making the prototype may give people a notion that you’re serious on your accomplishment. It must be very professional and unique. Hence, it is better to approach potential partners like our GloberDesign to make your product effective than others. Our visual representation of the product prototype can always attract and catches anyone’s attention in a fraction of a second.

No matter about the product budget, material, design, size, volume and structure, going in for experienced professionals to gain several benefits. If you are thinking to obtain a high quality prototype, then consider about the GloberDesign as a first option without any doubts in your mind.

Most advanced invention prototyping services


Today, most popular prototypes are referred as an invention prototype. We know that, prototype plays a significant role in all industries. In case you have an idea to invent or trying to find right helps and service, then Globerdesign is best for you. We use more sophisticated technologies and techniques to make your product effectively.

The prototypes can be any electronic or hardware software. Making a perfect prototype is an important thing in any invention process. Product prototyping and invention prototyping is also our valued service. You can build any type of prototype at GloberDesign. We are there to provide quality work and quality output to all smaller and larger models. Here at GloberDesign, you can get excellent service along with the most innovative design such as rapid prototyping, mechanical design, laser cutting, tooling, fabric prototypes, CNC machining, vacuum casting, electronics development and more. Rapid prototyping is the current advanced technologies that help to create prototype very quickly.

The Globerdesign unique approach allows to get an invention prototype which works perfectly. We use computerized engineering methodologies and 3D modeling that can reduce the required physical prototypes for the new product testing. Prototype development and product prototyping service can help you to get a design in a less time.

GloberDesign team will always use advanced tools and techniques to build the prototype of client idea. The function of the prototype is very important that need to be considered before moving into the next step. Generally, one can build many prototypes for their product and service. The invention prototyping is available in various styles and a progression that helps the projects. Visual prototype is one among the type of prototype that helps to demonstrate the shape as well as the size of the product. Our prototype model will assist the inventor to understand the design.

GloberDesign prototyping helps in the below areas:


GloberDesign offers full assistance and support for the production of the final product. Here, you can get full support for entire process involved in the prototype development. You can utilize our help to design your invention prototype. Give us a call for any queries and to contact our experts and designers.