Hire A Professional Patent Attorney For Your New Product

Patenting the new design is extremely very important for any product or intellectual property. Basically, a new invention is like a new born baby that requires protection in every aspect from copying or theft. People have so many misconceptions about the . Patents are only applicable to new inventions that need to approve from the patent and trademark office. Although Globerdesign is the product design firm, patenting an idea is the part of our service. Seeking assistance from the reputed helps to reduce your burden and workload.

In the United States, a patent is the exclusive rights for a period of time to an inventor. Specifications and claims are the major parts of the patent. It is necessary to describe the interior working nature of the invention. On the other hand, claims must precisely explain what the invention does. To get the patent, it is necessary to include the prototype or drawing of the new invention. Globerdesign have team of patent attorney to work with you.

It is very essential to apply for the patent as earlier you can. Provisional patent is the best option to secure your invention. If you have a great invention, then you can easily attract potential users to buy your products. The patent application procedures are governed universally by the TRIPS agreement. Approaching Globerdesign for the patenting is the cost effective way, whoever likes to protect their inventions. Our legal representatives can help you to get the patent if you have ideas for inventions. Our patent attorney can give recommended advice and service for your needs. Provisional patent is the best option when it comes to securing the idea as well as keeping it safe. If you have the patent pending status, then the process of patent ownership for the idea is your piece of cake. Get better solutions for your patent requirements and get the assured success in all the way ].

Globerdesign always prompt to respond all your queries in an effective manner. If you have any ideas for invention, then approach us for effective service that save your time, money, stress as well as possible losses in the new product. It is highly recommended to acquire patent when you have the design and like to present new product to the market.

In most cases, getting help from the professional service provider is recommended as it significantly increases the chance of success. Contact us for any help.

Do you have an idea: Just patent it for maximum benefit

In this highly competitive world, it is necessary to patent it as soon as possible to enjoy the maximum benefit. Of course, you can protect your invention ideas by applying for the patent. Patent idea gives the exclusive rights to the idea of the product or service. Just approach Globerdesign for patenting an idea. This concept of patent is very popular throughout the world. If you have any ideas for invention, then it is necessary to protect new and innovative inventions. It prevents the idea from stealing. A new invention needs to be very unique. Patenting an idea ensures that the idea or invention is not similar or copied by others. It is the most necessary step that everyone needs to complete when it comes to new product development. Trademarks, patents and copyright are only similar in protecting the rights of ownership, but it really differs. A copyright protects the creative work, patent protects the process or invention and trademark protects the company or brand. Owning the patent offers the legal right to stop using, selling or making the invention without any permission.

Why do patent matters?

When you come up with new formula or idea to gain profit out of it, obtaining the patent can prevent it from other selling, utilizing, making and claiming. Without your permission, no one has the rights to use your special idea or products.

Obtaining the patent:

You can get assistance from Globerdesign to file the written application. Our patent attorney can help you all the way by providing essential information required to complete the application with certain details about your invention. It also includes procedure forms and protection claim as well. With our reliable service, you can easily pass the filing application with flying colors and can obtain a patent more easily. Our patent attorney holds year of experience and familiar with all the patent laws and legal issue to handle your patent idea in an effective way.

Our patent attorney:

We have a team of patent attorney to work with your projects and helps with all the outs and ins of the patent practice and patent law. We will act behalf of you and assist every way in obtaining the needed patents. In fact, Globerdesign takes care of both the utility patent and a design patent in an effective manner.

For any queries patent idea, just contact Globerdesign customer support to talk with our patent attorney.


Learn More Important Things About Patents


Basically, the patent is the exclusive rights to the assignee or inventor for the specific period of time. Patents are available in the form of any intellectual property. Patent idea or product is one of the services rendered by the Globerdesign. The patent drawing often accompanies the patent application. It also includes the details and an illustration of an invention. Patent drawings are widely accessible more than hundred years. As the technology grows up, the techniques of patenting an idea also become easy and simple. Although Globerdesign is the product design company, we specialize in assisting clients to create designs for the inventions and also preparing patent drawings with the help of most recent, cutting edge technology.

We employed a variety of designers, engineers and other professionals ready to assist you at every stage of the prototyping and product design to marketing and web design. 3d modeling is one of the efficient services that Globerdesign offers. In fact, 3 modeling is superior and recommended one when compared to the 2d modeling. It allows the observer to grasp the concepts easily and find how the machine will operate. The exact measurements, size, dimension and shape of the invention can be easily outlined far better. Many companies witnessed how effective we are by using our product design services. We have successful clients from all over the world that ranges from Coca Cola Israel to fan-cooling power breezer.

We help our clients with a utility patent, design patent, trademark and copyright also. Your invention can be patented easily as per your needs and requirements. We collaboratively work with professional patent agents as well as patent attorneys in the market to offers you full assistance at any stage of the product. The development process and the materials used are very important to file the utility patent. But design patent doesn’t require the materials and development details; it just requires how the creation will look. We can create a reproducible design through technical and artistic skills. Both of the utility and design patent goes works well when you get help from the Globerdesign. The design patent helps to secure the deleted files as well. As the rise of new technology, our team mostly uses most advanced technical methods in protecting the inventions.

It is highly recommended to secure the intellectual property before revealing it into the marketplace. Contact us anytime and from anywhere to get assistance from the certified patent attorneys and agents.

Protect your invention with patenting

When you have any idea, it is important to protect it as soon as possible. Make sure to patent idea after evaluating the marketability. Many people think that patenting will be costlier. But it is not at all true. The patent attorney or patent agents will code large fees only for large files, it is very cost effective for individuals and companies that like to protect their inventions.

Patenting the new design or product is extremely important to safeguard it from copying. The best way to protect the invention is applying for the provisional patent. Globerdesign is the product design firm that also helps you in patent idea. This method also helps to avoid repeating design and authorized person will get legal owner authorization for the specific invention.

GloberDesign offers provisional patent when it comes to protecting your idea and also keeping it safe. When it comes to inventing a product, the journey involves design, protection and commercializes inventions.


The first step is to design the product. Get assistance from the Globerdesign professional developers and have the working prototype. We have product developers to help from the initial stage of design and with 3D models, CAD, prototyping and help to sell the idea to investors that include patent application. The prototype can be any detailed animation or drawing, or physical model. With a perfect prototype, you can acquire opinion about the product whether it goes on the right track. The prototype evaluation assists to uncover an essential feature need to change before moving to the next stage.


Inventions must be protected thoroughly through patenting. Here at Globerdesign in Miami, get various types of patents, including design patent, utility patent and plant patents. On the other hand, intellectual properties like songs, symbols, books, sayings and even works of art can be protected by either copyright or trademark protections. We have paten professional expertise to handle any patent idea.


Launching the new product involves various steps includes product design, development, testing, funding, manufacture and reach customers. You can get help from our professional team to commercialize your products and inventions.



We have a patent invention expert who assists clients with the idea and has experience in consulting many firms with innovative product design. Globerdesign is best friend of many clients when it comes to protecting the idea and keeps it safe. Feel free to dial up GloberDesign customer care service that operates 24/7 for any assistance at any stage of your product.

Select Best Appropriate Product Development Companies

Product development is the process of bringing the product to market till its feedback and consumption from the business chain of consumer via systematic parameter and procedure. It can be consumable idea, service or product. However, you can find plenty of product development companies in Chicago and its surroundings. Globerdesign is the perfect one that can facilitate to fulfill all your demands within the assigned time interval. In this competitive world, it is necessary to stay unique and competitive by means of design, idea, structure, quality and effectiveness to overtake the competitive product. Here at Globerdesign, get the help for the better success.

We know that how important the product development for your company success. Hence, we understand all your needs and carry out various steps to complete the product successfully. The product development is very important to any business which keeps up the product with current market changes and trends. It is recommended to update the product continuously within the regular interval of time for the unbeatable success. You can also find product Design Companies in Chicago for the quick development. Globerdesign always focus on the product categories or markets consistent with the organization’s objectives, strengths, capabilities and resources.


The reasons for the product failure includes poor design, high development cost, priced too high, competition, incorrect positioning, management influence, wrong timing, market size overestimation, and ineffective promotion. But, Globerdesign is there to fix all the failure issue and offer you the best solution and product success in all possible ways. Globerdesign also help you in concept testing among the group of targeted consumers. Our experts understand the importance of managing the product development and offers systematic, team centered and customer centered products. Marketing plays a key role in the product development success which includes creative, effective and imaginative communication.

Through GloberDesign expertise, knowledge, companies can easily identify the product or service features that end users value the most and those generate the market interest. We have the ability to develop patent idea of your products that can win easily in the emerging market.

Globerdesign always follows the complete cross functional approach and working very closely with the latest technology, strategy, marketing, production, and engineering and purchasing. GloberDesign in Chicago will apply expert skills and knowledge to the product development by offering customized solutions to the consultants. We can handle any tough projects and also mitigate risk and assure success in the final product.

Learn more about patenting your idea

There are many investors or products existed on globally to sell their devices and earn money. The Patent is intended to categorize the inventions and secure all your new or existing inventions. Hence, it is necessary to patent your idea. GloberDesign helps in patenting an idea effectively.

All great inventions always begin with an idea. In order to secure the idea, it is necessary to patent idea so that no one else will take the credit for your own unique invention. Many people are unaware and unsure how to begin and how to patent. Before starting the patent application process, take the necessary preliminary steps to protect your ideas.


GloberDesign provides the full patent service for the clients and have the ability to work with the professional patent attorney and patent agent in the market. At GloberDesign, get the services include patent drawings, provisional patent application, copyright, trademark, utility patent and design patents. Globerdesign is one among the top product design companies that gives excellent services to the needy.

Utility patent is one of the frequent patent types. If interested in gaining patent on the discovery or creation you can use the utility patent. The design patent comes in handy to most of the businesses. This patent is unique and it is given only when a new one is created. Materials and development process are not very important in this design patent. It concentrates only the design and look of the invention and this patent will valid for about 15 years. The design patent is provided only the utility patent is given; hence both the design and product can be protected.

The patent drawing often accompanies the patent application. It also includes an aspect of its construction or creation or an illustration of the invention. Globerdesign specializes in assisting people to create designs for their ideas, inventions preparing the patent drawings by using the cutting edge, most updated technology. A variety of computer workers, engineers, designers and other professionals are employed by us to help you each and every step of the process from your product design to prototyping and marketing the product.

While patenting an idea, complete the explanation of the idea, service or product by using the needed words or drawings is very essential. Anyone can download the patent application form and needs to ensure the details while applying.

There are many companies who used our services bear witness on how excellent and effective are real. Contact for any type of help for your product success.


Just Protect Your Invention With Patents

Patents are basically the form of an intellectual property. When a company or any individual, innovates or designs a novel and unique innovation, they can look for exclusive rights to prevent it from others selling, producing, using or distributing your invention. The patent idea is needed for each and every product which Globerdesign extends assistance to protect your invention. Basically, the patent laws will vary one country to another country that the patents are granted depends on novelty of the process or project.

The process of patenting your idea is always tiresome; hence take professional assistance from the registered agent is always advisable for all clients. Here at GloberDesign, you can get to achieve the patent idea easily. Our team understands the importance of protecting your concept or invention; we provide an intellectual property protection for your idea. The main goal is to secure the idea prior to the factories or to market.

Here at Globerdesign, get the protection services including patent drawings, utility patent, copyright, provisional application, trademark, and design patent. As a top product design consultant, we recommend to secure the intellectual property before introducing them into the market.

When you have any idea, or invention, you required to secure it at the first step. The Patent is officially an authorized right over an item or product to an originator for the unique time period. It explains what a descriptions, declaration, claims and specification are. Globerdesign is a more reliable vendor that will help you protect the idea. When the client applies for the patent idea, they need to fill the application form completely that needs some illustrations as well. Those illustrations are also called as patent drawings. Protecting an invention via patent idea typically starts with conducting the patent search and filling the application. Ensure that the idea is patentable and indeed unique. During the patent search you are allowed to check whether your invention or idea or matches or resembles with any other idea or not. This search process helps to prompt and fine tune the invention or scarp the idea prior spending money and time on the process of patent application.

Here at GloberDesign, get the patent expert help for patenting your idea. As one of the popular prototyping companies, we are happy to serve you whenever and wherever you need. When you think about patent, just ring or reach us to protect your project or product.