Hire A Professional Patent Attorney For Your New Product

Patenting the new design is extremely very important for any product or intellectual property. Basically, a new invention is like a new born baby that requires protection in every aspect from copying or theft. People have so many misconceptions about the . Patents are only applicable to new inventions that need to approve from the patent and trademark office. Although Globerdesign is the product design firm, patenting an idea is the part of our service. Seeking assistance from the reputed helps to reduce your burden and workload.

In the United States, a patent is the exclusive rights for a period of time to an inventor. Specifications and claims are the major parts of the patent. It is necessary to describe the interior working nature of the invention. On the other hand, claims must precisely explain what the invention does. To get the patent, it is necessary to include the prototype or drawing of the new invention. Globerdesign have team of patent attorney to work with you.

It is very essential to apply for the patent as earlier you can. Provisional patent is the best option to secure your invention. If you have a great invention, then you can easily attract potential users to buy your products. The patent application procedures are governed universally by the TRIPS agreement. Approaching Globerdesign for the patenting is the cost effective way, whoever likes to protect their inventions. Our legal representatives can help you to get the patent if you have ideas for inventions. Our patent attorney can give recommended advice and service for your needs. Provisional patent is the best option when it comes to securing the idea as well as keeping it safe. If you have the patent pending status, then the process of patent ownership for the idea is your piece of cake. Get better solutions for your patent requirements and get the assured success in all the way ].

Globerdesign always prompt to respond all your queries in an effective manner. If you have any ideas for invention, then approach us for effective service that save your time, money, stress as well as possible losses in the new product. It is highly recommended to acquire patent when you have the design and like to present new product to the market.

In most cases, getting help from the professional service provider is recommended as it significantly increases the chance of success. Contact us for any help.

Increase Your Idea Or Invention Value By Patenting

If you have any unique and original idea, just patent it before exposing it to the world. Patenting an idea is the simple process when you approach the right patent attorney. As a product design firm, Globerdesign also helps clients in patenting, trademarks and copyrights as well. There is no doubt that patenting your idea will prevent it from selling, making or using. Globerdesign has a good amount of experience in consultation, and counseling about the patenting that help you to know about the importance of protecting your idea. You can get the rights of authority on your products or ideas for inventions.

Actually, design and utility patents are the most common and popular patent all over the world. Utility patent is the patent that protects innovative product rights and design patent is the patent that protects the design of the product. Patent attorney at Globerdesign will advise you to obtain the best way to get the patent. Applying for the patent is very beneficial in so many ways. The legal document will hold the clear statement about the idea or invention. To secure the patent, it is important to realize that it requires considerable amount of time, effort and resources. By studying the product thoroughly, we can serve you the best service when it comes to patenting an idea. Although Globerdesign is the product design firm, it also handles prototyping, electronic and medical product design, 3D CAD, 3d printing, 3d modeling, engineering services and much more. At the single place, you can get everything in your product development.

Globerdesign also helps in patent drawings that include the illustration of your invention. Globerdesign Florida specializes in assisting clients to make unique designs with the most updated and cutting edge technology. We also offer 3d model as the part of our service to easily understand the all special concepts to familiarize the working nature of the product. We use high tech methodologies to get the efficient and effective patent drawings. We have well satisfied clients from each corner of the world. Provisional applications are different from the utility patent applications. One can claim huge benefits by acquiring the patent for their ideas or inventions.

If you have any questions related to product design or even patent, you can freely contact the customer support office to get the answers for your questions. Get the full protection by getting assistance with Globerdesign.



Do you have an idea: Just patent it for maximum benefit

In this highly competitive world, it is necessary to patent it as soon as possible to enjoy the maximum benefit. Of course, you can protect your invention ideas by applying for the patent. Patent idea gives the exclusive rights to the idea of the product or service. Just approach Globerdesign for patenting an idea. This concept of patent is very popular throughout the world. If you have any ideas for invention, then it is necessary to protect new and innovative inventions. It prevents the idea from stealing. A new invention needs to be very unique. Patenting an idea ensures that the idea or invention is not similar or copied by others. It is the most necessary step that everyone needs to complete when it comes to new product development. Trademarks, patents and copyright are only similar in protecting the rights of ownership, but it really differs. A copyright protects the creative work, patent protects the process or invention and trademark protects the company or brand. Owning the patent offers the legal right to stop using, selling or making the invention without any permission.

Why do patent matters?

When you come up with new formula or idea to gain profit out of it, obtaining the patent can prevent it from other selling, utilizing, making and claiming. Without your permission, no one has the rights to use your special idea or products.

Obtaining the patent:

You can get assistance from Globerdesign to file the written application. Our patent attorney can help you all the way by providing essential information required to complete the application with certain details about your invention. It also includes procedure forms and protection claim as well. With our reliable service, you can easily pass the filing application with flying colors and can obtain a patent more easily. Our patent attorney holds year of experience and familiar with all the patent laws and legal issue to handle your patent idea in an effective way.

Our patent attorney:

We have a team of patent attorney to work with your projects and helps with all the outs and ins of the patent practice and patent law. We will act behalf of you and assist every way in obtaining the needed patents. In fact, Globerdesign takes care of both the utility patent and a design patent in an effective manner.

For any queries patent idea, just contact Globerdesign customer support to talk with our patent attorney.


Learn More Important Things About Patents


Basically, the patent is the exclusive rights to the assignee or inventor for the specific period of time. Patents are available in the form of any intellectual property. Patent idea or product is one of the services rendered by the Globerdesign. The patent drawing often accompanies the patent application. It also includes the details and an illustration of an invention. Patent drawings are widely accessible more than hundred years. As the technology grows up, the techniques of patenting an idea also become easy and simple. Although Globerdesign is the product design company, we specialize in assisting clients to create designs for the inventions and also preparing patent drawings with the help of most recent, cutting edge technology.

We employed a variety of designers, engineers and other professionals ready to assist you at every stage of the prototyping and product design to marketing and web design. 3d modeling is one of the efficient services that Globerdesign offers. In fact, 3 modeling is superior and recommended one when compared to the 2d modeling. It allows the observer to grasp the concepts easily and find how the machine will operate. The exact measurements, size, dimension and shape of the invention can be easily outlined far better. Many companies witnessed how effective we are by using our product design services. We have successful clients from all over the world that ranges from Coca Cola Israel to fan-cooling power breezer.

We help our clients with a utility patent, design patent, trademark and copyright also. Your invention can be patented easily as per your needs and requirements. We collaboratively work with professional patent agents as well as patent attorneys in the market to offers you full assistance at any stage of the product. The development process and the materials used are very important to file the utility patent. But design patent doesn’t require the materials and development details; it just requires how the creation will look. We can create a reproducible design through technical and artistic skills. Both of the utility and design patent goes works well when you get help from the Globerdesign. The design patent helps to secure the deleted files as well. As the rise of new technology, our team mostly uses most advanced technical methods in protecting the inventions.

It is highly recommended to secure the intellectual property before revealing it into the marketplace. Contact us anytime and from anywhere to get assistance from the certified patent attorneys and agents.

Turn Your Ideas For Invention Into Tangible Product

These days, there are many people have the great ideas for inventions in their lives. But, so many people are suffering to turn those ideas into product. Here, you can get help from the Globerdesign which help you to turn ideas into tangible products. Whether you like to produce and market the invention, file the patent that safeguards your inventions.

Step 1:

Simply having the idea is worthless. It is important to document everything that related to your invention. Documenting the idea is the first step to perform when you have the idea. Here, Globerdesign have a team of experts to file a patent for the clients. We take care all the documentation work from the initial stage of your ideas for inventions.

Step 2:

Globerdesign will do deep research on your idea from the business as well as legal point of view. Prior to filing the patent, our specialists will complete the initial patent search and research the market completely to ensure the product success from initial step itself. You can hire a patent attorney from Globerdesign for the complete solution. Before investing money and time into the patenting an idea, we will do some research on the targeted market. It helps to manufacture and produce the product at the reasonable retail cost and standard quality than the other competitors.

Step 3:

Prototyping the product is the most important step for every product. It gives the model of your invention. Globerdesign will design the prototypes in such a way to demonstrate the design to the potential lenders and consumers. It is recommended to design the prototype prior patenting an idea. Globerdesign has a team of prototype manufacturing professionals to create the 3d model of the design. We create the full working model of the idea once clients satisfied with the testing.

Step 4:

Patenting an idea and maintain it very safe from being stolen is the very crucial. Globerdesign offers both utility and design patent. You can fill the application, but it is recommended to get help from the Globerdesign patent attorney, skilled professional to go through it.

Step 5:

Marketing the invention is not an easy task without proper assistance from the service provider. Globerdesign helps you in manufacturing and marketing the product as well. It boosts the product success and maintains the business in a long run.

Just reach us with ideas for inventions, we will help you to fulfill your dream goal.

Patent Your Idea To Avoid Copying

Basically, patent helps to protect the invention and allows you take any legal action against the person who makes, sells, uses or imports the invention without any permission. If you like to have patented an idea, then you can apply for the patent through Globerdesign. Getting the patent may be expensive and complicated when you try to apply for any international patent. It recommended getting advice from the professional advice or patent attorney at Globerdesign. Patents are the best protection to keep the invention safe and give the ownership to the specific idea. Our patent attorney team will always ensure that the application is filled completely and correctly that includes all legal claims.

How to apply for patenting an idea:


You can widely benefit from the patent once it’s granted. Many people have great ideas, they don’t know how to turn into money. Ultimately, Globerdesign intended to help all those people and service them to run a great business. We help you in both the design patent and utility patent. If the invention holds the unique visual appearance, then consider about the design patent, but utility patent also another to proceed. In order to market any product, you need to develop product prototypes. Globerdesign is the trustworthy vendor that can work on prototyping even before applying for the patenting. Once the working prototype model is ready, then you can easily concentrate on the marketing process. Globerdesign happy to cater most types of patenting option to make you comfortable and convenient at your output.


Consult with the Globerdesign team for any help in patenting an idea, product prototyping and whole stage product process. Here at Globerdesign, get the premium quality service for your demands and requirements. We have thousands of satisfied clients throughout the world, who greatly impressed with our unique service. GloberDesign always cares more for larger and even small business. We value your innovation, idea and money, and ready to offer intellectual protection for the product prior releasing into the market. Globerdesign also provides extended service in 2d and 3d models.


Give life to your product with best Service

GloberDesign is a better product design firm that helps you reach the goal of creating the new invention or simply improving the existing one. There are so firms available to choose from the list. However, Globerdesign is a reputed company that makes your work easier and simpler as a full fledged designer. There are plenty reasons that you can choose us that can do more than product design. It carries out various services such as product development, patenting an idea, product prototyping, manufacturing and more.

It is known that they are ‘n’ number of products introduced on the day to day life. And people have many choices to select from many products. Hence, it is very important that your product must to useful, innovative, functional, cheap, weightless, compact and impressive. Since, making a successful product is a tedious job without relevant knowledge and experience in this field. If you have any idea and you are serious to make your idea into a real product. Then don’t wait for anything. Just call GloberDesign customer support executives and talk with our experts or representatives to get ideas to bring your product impressive and successful.

Globerdesign is capable to offer most of the services that you need to be successful in this competitive globe. Get the possible assistance from our designers regardless of the concept or invention. We have a knowledgeable professional in most of the fields to you. We also have partnered with other reputed firms to work for us in the tedious process.

While selecting a product design firm, you need to consider many aspects before signing with them. In that way, we have enough qualities and functional technologies to work for you in all your situations. Our product design sector helps to turn the vision or concept into reality. We can help you all the stages from the beginning of the idea to end process. We have the capabilities to make your product that you are needed. We can make a huge difference in your business with our tedious effort and service. We are happy to work with both large and small companies and regardless of the budget. We can offer you needed guidance that you want to design and concept innovation. We can ensure you to offer quality prototypes and patents for less the rate. When everything relies on your product success that we offer product testing through prototype to ensure your success rate.


Make your invention into a real product

Many people have an excellent idea for an invention. The motion is very simple enough and it requires some hard work to make the ideas transfer into a reality one. Inventing new, processes, programs, useful items or ideas is basically a touch task, complex process. Get relevant help from GloberDesign, which have good knowledge in the related field to make you succeed in the current market strategies.


While inventing, don’t simply consider what you can produce or what you like to produce. Consider about what consumers need or wants. Simple ideas are the best root of the greatest inventions. Right from the earlier days, people have some innovative and unique concepts in their mind and it is necessary to expose the ideas. By sharing ideas for invention with GloberDesign, you can make your dream come true easily without much effortless. Under a single roof of GloberDesign, you can get maximum services to fulfill your necessity and needs.

Patenting an idea plays an important role that helps to protect the invention and speaks uniqueness of your product. Here at GloberDesign get the provisional patent services at a low cost to secure the inventions from your potential competitors. GloberDesign can assist the clients on your limited budgets and engage professionals on requirements along the way. We have undertaken numerous projects in the limited budget as well as acquired valuable experience in recognizing when to proceed with the new ideas and also how to monetize it effectively and efficiently. GloberDesign will help to find out whether your idea is unique and patentable, so that you can continue your product design and development services.

Get ready for the ideas for invention; we can make it real and practical. GloberDesign is the house that helps you all the way throughout the process of making your product from the start stage to end product. It is the center of excellence that can provide you fresh ideas and provides solutions to improve the product performance.

GloberDesign utilizes the most advanced tools and techniques to build the functional invention prototype which will work well. The use of computerized engineering techniques and 3D modeling decreases the physical prototype count need for the new product testing. GloberDesign offers full assistance to manufacture the final product. Our experts and engineers can build any 3d model to assist for the best invention that you like. Call us for maximum quality service. Good luck for your success.

Learn more about patenting your idea

There are many investors or products existed on globally to sell their devices and earn money. The Patent is intended to categorize the inventions and secure all your new or existing inventions. Hence, it is necessary to patent your idea. GloberDesign helps in patenting an idea effectively.

All great inventions always begin with an idea. In order to secure the idea, it is necessary to patent idea so that no one else will take the credit for your own unique invention. Many people are unaware and unsure how to begin and how to patent. Before starting the patent application process, take the necessary preliminary steps to protect your ideas.


GloberDesign provides the full patent service for the clients and have the ability to work with the professional patent attorney and patent agent in the market. At GloberDesign, get the services include patent drawings, provisional patent application, copyright, trademark, utility patent and design patents. Globerdesign is one among the top product design companies that gives excellent services to the needy.

Utility patent is one of the frequent patent types. If interested in gaining patent on the discovery or creation you can use the utility patent. The design patent comes in handy to most of the businesses. This patent is unique and it is given only when a new one is created. Materials and development process are not very important in this design patent. It concentrates only the design and look of the invention and this patent will valid for about 15 years. The design patent is provided only the utility patent is given; hence both the design and product can be protected.

The patent drawing often accompanies the patent application. It also includes an aspect of its construction or creation or an illustration of the invention. Globerdesign specializes in assisting people to create designs for their ideas, inventions preparing the patent drawings by using the cutting edge, most updated technology. A variety of computer workers, engineers, designers and other professionals are employed by us to help you each and every step of the process from your product design to prototyping and marketing the product.

While patenting an idea, complete the explanation of the idea, service or product by using the needed words or drawings is very essential. Anyone can download the patent application form and needs to ensure the details while applying.

There are many companies who used our services bear witness on how excellent and effective are real. Contact for any type of help for your product success.