Why do you need a prototype for your Invention?

Why do you need a prototype for your Invention?

One of the most sought after prototypes today is an Invention Prototype.  Now we all know that Prototypes are essential for any industry. However, what most companies do not realize is that this can help a designer at the initial stages also.  Well, we at Glober design are not among these companies. We understand that any inventor or designer should have some direction and that can be provided only by a prototype.

So how do we go about designing such a prototype? The first step in this process is to understand the vision of the customer. With this in mind when the customer meets us, we ask him or her the below questions –

Once we gather these questions, we then ask the designer to share his or her drawings for the products.  The information from the questions and the drawings are then passed on the mechanical engineering team.

This team uses CAD software to create a virtual model of the product. Using this virtual model, the team can then check if the specifications are made as per the clients instructions and if it actually works like the designer wants it to. Once this model is ready, our team will share the same with the client and seek his or her inputs.

Now you may wonder, why go through all this trouble at the initial stages. The reasons for the same are as follows-

At Glober design, we know that the prototype is not the end of the designing process. Hence we provide all the assistance possible and also help the designer with manufacturing the finished product. We provide them with all the tools and personnel required to make this a success. So if you need someone to design your Invention Prototype,  give us a call.