1. 5 Important Inventions from the 20th Century

    Over the course of human history, there have been major inventions that have radically changed our lives. Whether they make our lives easier or allow us to do something previously thought impossible, our progress is consistently intertwined with inventions that push us further. Today we’re going to start our two-part series looking at some of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Ar…Read More

  2. Common Mistakes for Inventors to Avoid

    Inventing a new product can be incredibly fulfilling, but that’s not to say there aren’t pitfalls that can derail your progress. For experienced and prospective inventors alike, there are mistakes that must be avoided in order to see your idea to fruition. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of five common mistakes for all inventors to avoid. At Glober Designs, we specialize in e…Read More

  3. Patenting an Invention

      Have you ever wanted to make your own invention? Few things are as fulfilling as seeing something that you created sitting on store shelves, ready for the masses to buy. However, the process of making an invention has steps you need to follow in order to protect your intellectual property from imitators. The first step for every invention is getting a patent, which will allow you to legally mas…Read More

  4. GloberDesign Reviews & Customer Service

    GloberDesign is an ultra-modern technological establishment that specializes in the design and development of products and services for companies, industries and other tech-based organizations. They are well-known for transforming ideas into real products through the use of certain developed methodologies, such as concept sketching, computer illustration, engineering, 3D CAD, prototyping, patentin…Read More

  5. How to launch a new product design into the market place

    Introduction: The process of transforming a raw idea into a finished product comprises of strong strategies and a number of follow up steps. In order to launch a whole new product into the market, you need to be very cautious and make the right decisions. The whole process is very delicate so you can’t afford to make any mistakes along the way. Therefore, the best course of action to launch your…Read More

  6. The Different Product Prototypes And Their Uses

    In the development of many kinds of products, the creation of several product prototypes is essential in order to end up with an item that is functional and completes the task that it was designed for. These prototypes serve to develop and refine the initial design, as well as present a version of the product to distributors or investors to get feedback or make an impression. This kind of prototyp…Read More

  7. What Is A Prototype And Reasons To Prototype An Invention?

    Every new idea encourages the scientists and engineers to design and create a new product. They have to face a number of obstacles in the entire process right from the beginning to the ultimate introduction of the product in the market. In order to make this process easy and smooth the inventors of new products make a quick prototype of their design. This prototype also offers various other benefi…Read More

  8. 4 Important Prototype Creation Tips

    Many a time the ideas for various inventions die in the prototype stage itself. Inventors spend a big amount of money as legal fees to get their patent approved, but later get to know that their idea was not sustainable or that the manufacturing cost of the product will be higher than what the customers will willingly spend on it. This is because things were not planned the right way to help you b…Read More

  9. All about prototype manufacturing

    No company goes out and starts mass production of a new product before creating first an example of this product. This model is called a prototype. For example, before a new car is built, it must be designed, researched, and developed into a working product. Researchers consumer surveys, analyze market trends, and buying patterns to determine what customers want, and then suggest what kinds of car…Read More

  10. Developing Invention Prototypes: How Choosing The Right Company Can Make Difference For Inventors

    Inventors are people who are creative and ambitious. These people see a problem and come up with a solution. There are times when they take a difficult path as they strive to bring their invention to the attention of potential buyers. Many inventions don’t make it due to misdirection of initial precious resources. Others spend heavily on inadequate prototype development and filings for full inve…Read More