1. Licensing Your Product

    Before you get licensed there are several things that one should go through before that. When you want to bring something new into the market there are steps or levels of production that one has to go through before having the final product in the market. GloberDesign can help you in Licensing and a…Read More

  2. The advantages of Prototyping with Glober Design

    Glober design offers the best in product design and designing in general. Creating  something new is requires several stages to bringing it to a complete success, form the invention part all the way to the production stage and with Glober Design we give you the necessary solution that you need. Whe…Read More

  3. Effective 3D Animation

    Animation has been with us for years now, and it has grown to be a sophisticated kind of production technology that has really advanced to a level that is extra ordinary. Wirth different type of animation out there, Glober Design website offers the latest in 2D and 3D animation. Everyone is getting …Read More

  4. Inventing a New Product

    Every great product that we see on the market shelves with customers hurriedly buying them started out as just an idea. There are many different ways to invent a new product but choosing the right one can make all the difference in its success as it enters a market of fierce competition. GloberDesig…Read More

  5. Selling Your Product

    Any basic business course will tell you that manufacturing is only the first step in getting your product on shop shelves. As it is your product, you know how amazing it is, but potential customers sitting at home have no idea that it even exists. For this reason, marketing is an essential when you …Read More

  6. Designing Your Product

    GloberDesign as the name suggests is a product design company and is one of the best of its field. In addition, it also can handle your product’s marketing, prototyping, etc if you so choose. Globerdesign works to integrate the different factors that go into product design such as texture, visual …Read More

  7. בדיקה

    בידקה עם רווחים           זה עובד! או שלא.…Read More

  8. how to patent an invention

    Whenever a company or an individual develops an idea or creates something new, it is important to file for a patent. A patent is an individual, inventor or company’s right to own the property exclusively and any duplication, production, reproduction or use of the idea, machine, process or material…Read More

  9. 3D Animation in Miami

    3D animation is a computer animation used for creating animated images through computer graphics. This is also referred to as 3D modelling which is a process of developing 3D models using 3D model software. In this process any object or a model can be converted to 3D space with the help of computer …Read More