Ft Lauderdale is an ancient city that belongs to the Broward County, State of Florida, USA. It is located on Atlantic coast, which is 23 miles distant from Miami. According to the census of 2010, Ft Lauderdale city occupied around 165,521 people. Ft Lauderdale is a major city of the metropolitan area under Florida. Initiatives of Product Development Ft Lauderdale have led towards successful journey in several sectors, such as, marine industry, tourism industry, trade, finance, business development, etc.

·         Marine Industry-based Product Development Ft Lauderdale:

Marine business is the principal industry of Ft Lauderdale city. This industry has employed around 134,000 people. Ft Lauderdale port city is enriched with a 300-mile long waterway, harbor, marine manufacturing as well as repairing facilities. Moreover, Ft Lauderdale is one of the most renowned ports of the world for its flourishing yacht industry. Therefore, this profitable industry injects $10.78 billion into the economy of the city. Additionally, this port city hosts an annual event titled as ‘Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show’ that earns $650 million per year.

·         Tourism Industry-based Product Development Ft Lauderdale:

Tourism industry is the second largest as well as second-most profitable business sector of Ft Lauderdale. This industry has employed around 114,386 people. In 2011, the Convention and Visitors Bureau of Fort Lauderdale claimed that in the same year around 11.1 million people visited the port city and spent around $9.1 billion, which had broken all the previous records. In 2008 Ritz-Carlton was launched in that was their first venture in Florida and in 2009, W Hotel came in Ft Lauderdale. Besides the standard recreational activities, like, sun bathing, sea surfing, sea sailing, swimming, etc.; Ft Lauderdale attracts the tourists in it’s amazing downtown containing museums, art galleries, concerts of live music, movie and drama theater, fine restaurants, etc.

·         Trade, Finance and Business Development-based Product Development Ft Lauderdale:

Ft Lauderdale is flourishing globally day by day as an emerging trade market. Around 40% share of the local business initiatives of Ft Lauderdale is partially connected with the global business projects. This port-city falls under the internal-coast region of South Florida that contains a conglomeration of 6,000 or above quantity of firms that are engaged with high technology oriented product development. This list includes some globally recognized corporations who have established their regional HQs for product development in this place. These corporations include:  Republic Industries, AT&T, BankAtlantic, Citrix Systems, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola Latin America, South African Airways, Galaxy Latin America, Spherion Corporation, Citicorp, SportsLine.com, Voicestream Wireless, AutoNation, Microsoft Latin America, etc.