Ft Lauderdale or Fort Lauderdale represents to a traditional city under the Broward County at State of Florida in the USA. This port city lies on Atlantic coast that is 37 km or 23 miles far-off from Miami. According to the population census 2010, Ft Lauderdale city was populated with around 165,521 people; while, the South Florida was occupied with around 5,564,635 people. Ft Lauderdale is one of the top-most economically flourishing cities under the metropolitan area under Florida. Especially, Ft Lauderdale Industrial Design projects have brought considerable economic prospects to this port city, and this economic flourish has encouraged the young generation in choosing their profession at Ft Lauderdale Industrial Design sector.

Industrial design study is a multi-disciplinary subject. This subject is a combination of both applied art & applied science. This branch of knowledge aims to enhance the aesthetics, functionality, usability, ergonomics, etc. of the products and establishments to achieve enhanced marketability and production. The job responsibilities of the Ft Lauderdale Industrial Design professionals include creating & executing design solutions for structural problems, usability, functionality, physical ergonomics, brand development, sales and marketing, etc.

The professional responsibilities of an industrial designer might be somehow related with the professional responsibilities of an engineering designer. Usually, Ft Lauderdale engineering design largely deals with the functional efficiency of the products and utility services; whereas, Ft Lauderdale Industrial Design principally focuses on the visual aesthetics, user-interface, artistic value, etc. of the products and services. Moreover, the discipline of industrial design also overlaps with the sectors, like, user interface design, interaction design, information design, etc. The industrial designers usually got specialization on the above mentioned sectors.

The work areas and job responsibilities of the industrial designers include designing the structure and placing efficient connection between the products and services, users or consumers, and the environment. In general, Ft Lauderdale Industrial Design professionals work to build up structural designs for smaller scale products and services, rather than making comprehensive designs for the compound systems, for example, buildings, structures or ships. More to say, the industrial designers working areas usually exclude designing of motors, complex electrical circuits, mechanical gearing, etc. However, the responsibilities of the industrial designers might be influenced by the technical issues in the form of usability design issues. Generally, these professionals work in a team including professionals from other sectors, like, marketers, engineers, etc. and try to ensure customer requirements at the optimum level.