GloberDesign Helps You Market Your Product

GloberDesign believes that Product Marketing is as significant as Product Conceptualization, Product Development, and Product Manufacturing. You may have the best and the most unique product in your industry vertical and yet may not be able to achieve the desired results unless you are marketing a product effectively and extensively.

Marketing of a product needs a multipronged approach and any strategy needs to be well classified. Advertising and promotions are of course the absolute basics in product marketing, but there are six categories of finer aspects that play a contributing role in the marketing of a product.


A popular term in product marketing, branding is as important as advertising. No, the two terms are not the same. Branding is all about establishing an image of your company, whether in the minds of the consumers or on the board room table for the stakeholders. You want your product to become a brand and there is a vision that has to lead to the culmination of your concept. Branding involves production marketing strategies that bolster your reputation as a company and that of your product.

Corporate Logo

Corporate Logo is much more than just a fancy design or using a unique font to write the company’s name. It is highly essential for the marketing of a product. A corporate logo that goes beyond being just design and speaks more about a product and company can help immensely while marketing a product.


You can offer a lot of information in brochures that would hardly make an impact or keep the details crisp to make a huge impact. Brochures play a huge role in any product marketing strategy. Everyone wants to stand out from the rest but the key really is how apt the brochures are from the perspective of your product and your company.

Web Design

It is widely known how much of an impact web design makes in the marketing of a product. If the concept of the product called for months of hard work and research then a web design also calls for at least a few days of though ransacking.

Business Cards

Business cards are also a marketing tool, not just for a product but also for a company. How you present yourself and your brand in a small piece of paper matters a lot.


Irrespective of where you want to make your catalogs available, for your product marketing to stand out, you would need to spend some time to make your catalogs informative, engaging and attractive. They are more like a sales pitch that does not have a voice.


You may want to give rights to your invention to a manufacturer that would take all the expenses of manufacturing and marketing the product. We could help you locate and sign a deal with the right manufacturer in exchange you would be getting a percentage of the sales known as royalties.

Distributor Connections

GloberDesign has been involved in many industries and has active connections to distributors that sell to the biggest retailers in the world, such as Walmart, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Lowes, Toys R Us and more. We could help you connect to the right distributor to assist you in selling your product.