GloberDesign has assisted in the product development in various industries, bellow is a partial list of past and current clients:

Feedbox is an innovative technology company that GloberDesign has been an active player in its development, of its unique consoles. The consoles provide a realtime customer feedback from multiple locations. Based on a cellular networking, it measures the customer’s experience at the point of contact. for more information visit

Bondi - Product Design, Design Patent Drawings and Package Design

Bondi is a flexible cellular phone holder that hangs onto various places. Glober Design assisted with the Design Patent Drawings and Packaging. For more information visit:

Vapor Corp is a publicly traded company (VPCO).  Vapor Corp specializes in personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. Globerdesign has designed product concepts for Vapor Corp. for more information visit

The Power Breezer is a mystifying fan cooling portable device that can cool an outdoor space by a few degrees. it was designed specially for Military & Homeland Security. GloberDesign was part of a team of developers which took it from concept design, through factory sourcing and into production. for more information visit

Coca Cola Israel has came out with a new world wide concept of a Coca Cola recycling store, which sales products which were made from reused Coca Cola bottles, Caps, Boxes and other materials. GloberDesign has created for them design concepts for various recycled products. For more information visit

Balanzza specializes in development and marketing of travel accessories. Their flagship product is the luggage digital scale. GloberDesign have helped Balanzza develop a new kind of travel bag. for more information visit

facesme - Toy Product Design

FacesMe is an illumination Box with an exciting 3D Visual effect. When the viewer moves next to the Box, a 3D face or 3d picture appears in 3D detail, following the viewer around the room making them feel as if the Faceis following them. GloberDesign has assisted in the product design, prototyping and factory sourcing. For more information visit:

um - United Motor Design - Motorcycle design

UM Global Designs and manufacturers Motorcycles for Latin America. Globerdesign has created concepts designs for store displays for their retail stores all across south America. for more information visit

Rivo Case is the world’s slimmest iPhone Charger in the world. Globerdesign owner Jonathan Globerson is one of the owners of Rivo Case LLC. For more details on the product, visit