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At GloberDesign we understand the need of protecting your invention.  Therefore we offer our clients intellectual property protection of your idea. Our goal is to protect your idea before it gets to market or to the factories. at GloberDesign we offer the following intellectual property protection:


It is recommended to protect your intellectual properties prior of revealing them in the market place. There for we use the most professional and certified Patent Agents and Attorneys to handle all of our Patent submissions. Click on the links above to learn more.

Patenting An Idea – A patent is basically a form of registered intellectual property. When a person comes up with an invention or a discovery which is absolutely new to humankind, he can get a patent for that particular thing. According to how the patents work, when a person obtained a patent on a certain idea or creation of his, he applies for patent which is granted only after it clears the requirements which include novelty and of course the clause of non-obviousness, which is to say that the particular idea or thought should not jus state the obvious.

Now when a person applies for a patent, the application form filled in pursuit of it may ask the applicant to give a few illustrations along with the form. These illustrations are called patent drawings. It should basically aim to give a pictorial description of the particular thing for which a new patent is sought.

There is no such thing as provisional patent per se but there is, under the United States patent law, a system of filing for a provisional patent application. This application basically serves the purpose of stating the early and exact date on which a particular invention was presented in a search for a patent. This provisional status does not automatically mature into a patent. Within a year, one has to apply for a non-provisional one.

Under the United States patent law, of the criteria for securing a patent for an invention is the question of utility. It should be established how useful a certain invention would be for the society. This is one of the major patentability requirements.