A prototype design is a pattern used in software development to create a similar design. In simpler terms, prototype design is generally used before the designing of the final product. It can also be termed as the clone model or miniature model of the end product.

The Need For Prototype Design

A prototype design is made to avoid any errors before the final design is made. Prototype designs are also used when the cost of the actual or final product is much higher than the resources available. A prototype pattern can recreate the same design without even knowing the class and other details. It creates new yet similar subjects through prototypical instances.

One must remember that, at times, creational patterns overlap. These are the occasions when we use Abstract Factory, that is, a software creational design pattern that joins a group of common themes without revealing their classes.

Advantages of using prototype design or pattern include:

  • Ability to add and remove products in a short time
  • Varying values can help identify new objects
  • Decoding of new elements through various structures can be possible
  • Helps in reducing sub-classification

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