What is a Prototyping Model?

A prototyping model is basically a draft sample of the final product. Before the product is designed in its original form, a miniature version or a layout is designed. This first raw version helps the producers, as well as the clients, to get an idea of where the project is heading to and what it will look like after its final shape up.

Prototyping models work best when both the producers and clients are working on a creation that has never been attempted before and the final outcome of the product is unknown to both the team. In these types of situation, GloberDesign, through various trial and error methods, comes up with the best possible result for their clients.

A prototyping model can be elaborated further in the following format:

  • The first prototype is constructed keeping in mind all the basic features of the final product
  • The first prototype model is then shown to the client, who now thoroughly evaluates the positive and negative sides of the model. They also make an assessment of what features to add and what to deduct from the model.
  • The client then reports its feedback to the producers.
  • Re-modeling of the first prototype is done based on the comments of the client and a second prototype is constructed.
  • The entire procedure is again repeated and the process is continued until the client achieves its optimum level of satisfaction.
  • Based on the final prototype model the final product is constructed.
  • The final product is again tested.
  • A routine check-up is made at regular intervals to prevent the final product from any major failures.

Advantages of Prototype Modeling

  • Since the client is thoroughly involved throughout the entire process of product making, chances of complaints and dissatisfaction over the final product does not arise
  • The client also gets a good idea about the entire product making through its scratch
  • Errors and loopholes can be identified at an early stage of production rather than at the end of the final product
  • Client’s feedback helps the producers to come up with better and innovative solutions.
  • Any missing or confusing functionalities can be identified

One of the biggest reasons that makes GloberDesign unique from other prototype companies is our understanding of the clientele’s need. To help our clients understand the product effectively, we utilize three-dimensional prototype printers. The designers of GloberDesign use 3D Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) to design the object he wants to print.

GloberDesign, thus gives all clientele the opportunity to stay involved with their innovation and our expert team can help to bring out the best of the product. Our prototype design company believes in presenting its clienteles error-free and perfect product and over the years have managed to satisfy its clientele with supreme quality productions.