1. 5 More Important Inventions from the 20th Century

    We recently spent some time looking at five of the most important inventions of the 20th century, and as promised, we have five more inventions that have massively impacted our society. It’s hard to say where we would be without these inventions, though one thing is for sure, we’d be worse off. If you think you have the next great invention percolating in your brain, but you need some help bri…Read More

  2. Invention Prototype, Your trusted Partner

    Invention Prototype is the necessary thing to do sine building up a prototype is essential for everyone who has made an invention and want to show the world that how useful that product is. Prototypes are given great value since building and using them help the people have success in licencing as well. One can built the Invention Prototype himself or can hire some external companies to do the same…Read More

  3. Financially Responsible Prototype Invention

      The prototype can be literal hardware or electronic software. Building a perfect prototype becomes an essential thing in the invention process. Invention prototyping is our valued services and our GloberDesign is the best choice to build all types of prototypes. You will be impractical until you build a prototype about the benefits of the invention. You will get user input and helps to perf…Read More

  4. Why do you need a prototype for your Invention?

    Why do you need a prototype for your Invention? One of the most sought after prototypes today is an Invention Prototype.  Now we all know that Prototypes are essential for any industry. However, what most companies do not realize is that this can help a designer at the initial stages also.  Well, we at Glober design are not among these companies. We understand that any inventor or designer shoul…Read More